Ready for some mind teasers to challenge your brain? Riddles and puzzles administer good mind training, development, and exercise for an external the box, lateral, and flexible method of thinking. This is why I gain riddles and puzzles! This 5 Riddles and also Puzzles around Twins is a repost from TwinZone Tuesday wherein we talk around twins and multiples.

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Try to fix these 5 Riddles around Twins; Answers follow at the bottom. Riddle #1: There room two brothers who space twins and also born top top the very same day. Someday a man asks them your age. Among them says, “I am twenty” and also the other twin says, “I am twenty-two”. Exactly how is this possible?

Riddle #2: two girls to be born to the exact same mother, on the exact same day, at the very same time, in the very same month and year and also yet they’re no twins.

Riddle #3: intend there room twin brothers, one which always tells the truth and also one which always lies. (So, in this case, lock both recognize what is true and also false, or together you placed it, both are exact in their knowledge.) What one yes-no question can you asking either among the brothers to figure out which one that is?

Riddle #4: A lady has twins that space born in different years and also different months. Exactly how did she execute it?

Riddle #5: 2 girls have actually the exact same parents and were born in ~ the very same hour the the exact same day of the exact same month but they room not twins. How can this it is in possible?

Puzzle game #1: spot the Differences

Answers: Answer for Riddle #1: the is “twenty-two” as in “20 too”, together in twenty together well.

Answer because that Riddle #2: castle are component of a collection of triplets.

Answer because that Riddle #3: The inquiry one could ask is, “If ns were to ask her brother even if it is you constantly tell the truth, what would he say?” A answer of “no” means you room talking to the fact teller, a reply of “yes” way you room talking to the liar. Another possible question is, “If i were come ask you even if it is you constantly tell the truth, what would you say?” In this situation a reply of “yes” method you space talking to the truth teller and also a reply of “no” means you room talking come the liar. Both inquiries take benefit of the liar lying around what the or his brother would certainly say, creating a double negative type situation.

Answer for Riddle #4: One was born ~ above December 31, and also the other was born top top January 1.

Answer because that Riddle #5: castle were not born in the very same year.

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Puzzle video game #2: clues the Differences

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Riddles & Puzzles about Twins: If you know some riddles and also puzzles around twins, please share below in the comments? are you a mother of multiples? space you in the TwinZone? We would certainly love to connect and hear from you!