The quarterback completed a happen to himself in among the weirdest—and coolest—plays in recent playoff memory

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Marcus Mariota hadn’t been obtaining any aid from his receivers on Saturday, so he determined to put the Titans in the finish zone by himself.

Down 18 points midway through the 3rd quarter and facing third and score from the Chiefs’ 6-yard line, Mariota scrambled out of the pocket and also began sprinting towards the finish zone. Just before he overcome the line of scrimmage, he threw a pass that was batted through Chiefs defensive back Darrelle Revis right into the hand of … Mariota himself, that then acrobatically dove towards the pylon for the coolest touchdown any type of quarterback has had in recent playoff history.

In ESPN traditional scoring that would certainly be a 11.6 point play. 4pt TD pass, 1.6 for the reception, 6 pts because that the the TD catch. Https://

— Matthew Berry (

A QB has thrown himself a touchdown happen before. In 1997, Vikings quarterback Brad Johnson caught his very own pass, also on 3rd and goal, versus the Panthers.

The Vikings walk on to success that game, however with the Titans down 21-10, Tennessee can actually need two Mariotas come have any kind of chance the beating the Chiefs.

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