Hello again! i hope you have actually all had a an excellent week. Today, we review “Father that the Year”. It originally aired top top January 2nd, 1970. Folks, us have gone into the 1970s now, the te that would come to be synonymous through The Brady Bunch. Regardless of being in the brand-new decade, this episode still as the 1950s sitcom feel to it. Therefore let us see if Mike is reputed top-pop by the local newspaper in our review of “Father that the Year”.

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The episode starts with Mike leaving because that an evening service meeting and also Carol brings him his notes because that the speech he will be giving that night. Just as that is heading out the door, Marcia beginning needing assist with homework. Carol provides to help, but is turned under as she is supposedly no an excellent at math. Mike tries to delay his own help until at an early stage the next morning, the most logical and convenient solution, however Marcia guilts him right into helping her that night. Why Marcia couldn’t wait until then is not made clear, yet Mike decides to arrive so late at his business meeting and help Marcia the night. At the very least he didn’t simply blow it off completely like that did for the bike shop. I also recall in “Alice Doesn’t Live below Anymore” where Alice to be chomping in ~ the little bit to aid Greg with his mathematics homework and he rotate her down so Carol can help.

In the next scene, Marcia is finishing up her homework in the family room once Carol enters. Marcia praises Mike for maintaining all those necessary men wait so that could aid her through her homework. She thanks Carol because that marrying such a well man. She then volunteers to toss out some newspapers Carol to be gathering because that the trash. Marcia scans the headlines and flips end the newspaper’s front web page to watch the notification that paper’s yearly Father that the Year contest is underway. She rips out the notification from the prior page.

One thing the wonder that DVDs and DVR has afforded us is the stop button. One thing I often find myself doing once a newspaper or various other listing is shown on TV is pausing top top the shooting and scanning the bordering information. Upon doing this for this shot, it was revealed the the remainder of the dad of the year contest announcement came to itself with building codes. The surrounding write-ups are finish sentences, but not in any kind the order. At some point while watching an additional TV favorite, King the the Hill, I paused top top a shot of the phone book. The various other visible listing top top the web page of the phonebook detailed the deal with as Trivial understanding Blvd.




The episode proceeds with Cindy waking from she slumber and noticing Marcia not in bed. She wakes up Jan and also they both commence to trying to find Marcia. In the kitchen, Alice and also Carol are functioning on laundry as soon as Jan and Cindy enter. One should wonder why they didn’t just tell Carol and Alice that Marcia was absent from she bed. Instead, january creates a ruse of needing a glass that water and looking in the family members room because that the heck of it. It seems Carol and also Alice would have been more suspicious than they were. Carol does question Jan’s prompt abandonment of her glass of water, but enables the girls to leave without more questioning. Jan and Cindy discover the door come Mike’s den cracked and also the lamp on. Upon finding out Marcia writing a letter, they concern her actions. In a callback come “Vote For Brady”, jan asks if Marcia is writing a letter to Felix Brown. Felix Brown was mentioned in “Vote for Brady”; he to be the boy Greg’s project manager want to begin a rumor the Marcia was watched at the movie with.

Back in the kitchen, Mike comes home and also touts the success the his speech. So successful was this speech that Mike has been inquiry to deliver it again to the CIA. As any type of person would, Alice suspect he means the central Intelligence Agency. Mike states the CIA he will be addressing is the an imaginative Institute of Architects. I bet Robert Reed cringed at having to provide this line as a sensible human would have said creative Institute that Architects rather of CIA to begin with and avoid together confusion. A hoax from Alice or Carol about the an innovative Institute the Architects gift the CIA seems more fitting. Together I typed this out, I wondered about what type of organization is the Creative academy of Architects? Is this a school simply for creative architects? Well, whoever castle are, Mike is proud come be speaking to them and also goes to keep his notes for safekeeping.


Upon entering his den, Mike finds the girls screaming and laughing together the nature of Marcia’s letter is gift sought. Exactly how he, Carol and also Alice didn’t listen this commotion in the kitchen continues to be a mystery. When caught, Jan and Cindy space sent earlier to bed. Marcia is in some significant trouble because that being up past bedtime and also hanging out in Mike’s den. Jan and also Cindy get off scot-free However, Mike reminds Marcia the they have a saying about their house: a wise guy forgets his anger, prior to he lays under to sleep. Simply as Mike is forgetting his anger, he is reminded the it when he pour out a bottle of correction fluid on his drafting table. To protect against it native spilling top top the carpet, he uses his speech notes to avoid the circulation of the spill. He repeats the saying, yet has problem believing it this time around. While that will later on be proclaimed the notes were ruined, the looked come me that just a card and fifty percent were lost. I guess if Marcia might bawl over two sheets the notebook record being trashed in “Vote for Brady”, Mike can be chapped end a notecard and also a half.

The next morning, Marcia visits Mike together he prepares for work and feels horrible about the pour out in the office from the night before. Mike is an extremely forgiving speak he can write an even better speech and those weren’t the only set of blueprints the had. After telling her every is well and asking her to laugh for him, the does a complete about face in his demeanor and tells she it’s punishing time. It was a strange exchange between the two of them. In a mock court session, Marcia pleads guilty and is sentenced come an afternoon’s difficult labor that will encompass extra chores. Marcia says “Thanks judge, you’re outta sight” and also he tells her she is late for school.

That afternoon, Mike come home and finds at least one that the chores assigned to Marcia was not completed, only to find another one undone as Jan walks with with a wastebasket full of papers. Jan concerns “Marcia who?” as soon as Mike states that was one more of Marcia’s extra chores. Was Jan simply voluntarily emptying wastebaskets the afternoon? Greg come downstairs and asking around Marcia’s whereabouts. He claims she was claimed to have actually fed Tiger 2 hours before and knows she did not due to the fact that Tiger was chewing on one of his shoes. Was the dog therefore starved that he was eating shoe leather?

The following scene begins with Marcia in her room working on her essay for the contest. Why go Greg walk every the means downstairs in find of Marcia before checking one of the most obvious places in the house? Mike enters and also questions why the extra chores to be left undone. Marcia claims she was working on something, but can’t tell that what the was.

Mike’s jacket looks to it is in made that patched with each other sandpaper.

For shucking off the extra chores, she is base for whole week. There will be no playground or friends’ residences after school. As he pipeline the room, Marcia wads increase the essay and trashes it. He’s no longer her candidate for father of the year!

Marcia remembered she anger after ~ she laid under to sleep, however chose come forget it as soon as in bed. She gets out of bed and also retrieves the trashed essay. She to add a line about how v her dad, the penalty fits the crime. She prepares the letter because that mailing and notices the attributed to mail them is almost due! The whole essay is consisted of on one paper of paper. Even if she provided both the prior and back to complete it, the took she over two hours? We understand she had actually started the the night before and spent an entire afternoon working on it instead of act chores. Every word must have actually been labored end intensely! much like I perform with this blog.

Down in the household room, Mike is ignoring Carol together he reads the paper. She is discussing the longevity that the boys’ clothing and also questions if there isn’t a thing they can’t stay out. Mike answers v “Snow!” come which Carol answers that boys can and also it i do not care slush. After this weak attempt at humor, Mike describes he just saw in the newspaper the there will certainly be snow in the mountains that weekend. A ski expedition is planned and it is agreed that Marcia’s grounding can be suspended to permit her to join the family.

Just as Marcia is catching one more break, she is blowing it at the exact same time. She has climbed under the trellis in order to sneak out and also mail the letter. A later season would

The 4th wall!

have seen her crawling and down the trellis and sneaking past the window as Mike and Carol discuss the suspension of her sentence. That would have been a funny scene. Instead, we view Mike and Carol checking on every the kids. We get our very first glimpse of the fourth wall surface of the boys’ room. Upon check on the girls, Mike and Carol discover Marcia missing. Just as they start to worry, she comes climbing in the window. Sneaking out the window is a significant infraction that costs Marcia she suspended sentence.



The next scene reveals that Marcia’s outlaw ways have actually paid off. Hamilton Samuels, publisher the the daily Chronicle, declares Marcia’s essay come be among the 3 finalists for the contest. In the large shot the the office, Marcia’s essay still appears crumpled, yet in the close up of Mr. Samuels, it’s flat and also smooth. Mr. Samuels and also Mr. Fields comment on the difficulties surrounding the year’s selection.

Hamilton Samuels was played through Oliver McGowan. When he had actually a long and also busy career, his longest recurring function was the of Harvey Welk top top a short lived western program titled “Empire” that began in 1962. He additionally played a medical professional in a number of one-off duties through the years. His final duty was on “My three Sons”. He died in 1971. Mr. Areas (who is only established by this name in the credits) to be played by Bob Golden. He played several little bit parts through the years, generally as a policeman. His final function was a noncredited part in Clint Eastwood’s “Every Which method But Loose”. He died in 1979.

In the next scene, Marcia punishes it s her by watching all her siblings and also Alice have a good time under in the yard. A ramp spanned in hay is the maintain ground for Alice’s ski lesson. Peter states they constructed it so Alice might practice. That’s a lot of cost and effort simply so Alice deserve to practice skiing down a short ramp. Alice is all about the lesson as she has donned skiing attire, to encompass the stocking cap, because that backyard practice. The comedic montage that Alice’s exercise ends with her fallout’s on she rear and also commenting just how the snow has splinters. The hoax is simply too lot for Marcia who flops ~ above the bed in tears as the scene ends.

In the kitchen, Marcia’s punishment is questioned again by Mike and also Carol who enjoy a cup that coffee at the table. Mike says that Marcia be allowed to go, yet Carol says that would certainly not be fair to all the other youngsters who did not break the rules. Upstairs, Jan and also Cindy enter the bedroom and try to cheer Marcia up. January has provided strict orders that the ski pilgrimage not be mentioned, but Cindy fouls this increase in no time. Jan asks Cindy who has the best mouth next to her and the answer is “nobody.” This to be the episode’s laugh out loud moment for me.

The next scene opens with Marcia analysis the record and noticing that the winner that the father of the Year dispute will be announced soon. This gave one more opportunity to see the paper. Again, the father of the Year contest article abruptly changes into one about housing. This dispute must be huge event in town as the pending announcement of the winner is among the banner headlines the the day. One can likewise see right here that the everyday newspaper expense only ten cent in 1970. That equates to around sixty-two cents in 2016. The daily document around here prices $1.00. Marcia must tell somebody around the contest and also decides come tell Jan. Jan is dying to know what

Jan “fourple” swears!

the mystery is and also even “fourple” swears she will store the secret. This is the line from this episode I’ve constantly remembered. Just as Marcia is around to re-publishing the news, Cindy enters. Marcia to know Cindy has a large mouth, as confirmed in the earlier scene, and makes increase a factor for sneaking out to send the letter. She cases she wanted Felix Brown come ask she to a dance, therefore she wrote him a letter that had to be sent in time before the dance. It appears Jan would have asked, “Why no just provide him the letter in ~ school? Why on planet mail it?” Greg enters the room trying to find Peter. Cindy, true to form, blabs the subject matter of the secret. It’s a great thing Marcia had actually made one up!

Bill Mullikin as Lance Pierce

The adhering to scene begins in the life room with Carol comment the door. Carol opens the door to and meets Lance Pierce native KTRY. He can’t tell Carol the factor for his gift there. She suspects it is pertained to Mike’s turn off camera speech that impressed the an innovative Institute the Architects. Despite not understanding his purpose for gift there, Carol enables him and his camera crew to go into her home. As they entered, i noticed a brass key on the wall surface outside the door. Is this a mail slot? It sure is a strange location for one, unless all mail dropped right into the slot drops into Mike’s den.

The mysterious mail slot!

As the crew to adjust up for the huge reveal that the award, Alice viewpoints a cameraman for a tip on her great side. The crude crew member states it doesn’t do a difference. Alice watch nice all dolled up. The crude oil cameraman was played by Lee Corrigan. This to be his an initial ever television role and no too plenty of would follow. His biggest duty was in “Twice

Lee Corrigan as the cameraman.

In A Lifetime” certification Gene Hackman. His critical appearance in front of the camera was in the TV movie “Dark Mansions”. He died in 1997. Lance Pierce was played by invoice Mullikin. His many notable role was as personal Cumberly in the 1962 attribute film, “Hell Is because that Heroes”. His final role was the of “poor man” in 1988’s “The Arrogant”. The IMDB summary for the movie is as follows: A waitress hitchhiking in Nevada is choose up by a guy on a motorcycle. Unbeknownst come her, the man is a psycho killer who thinks he’s God. Bill Mullikin passed away in 2010.

In typical Brady fashion, Mike come in the back door if the whole film crew awaits his entrance v the front. Lance laments that things like this always happen to him and also he move the whole shot to accommodate Mike’s backdoor entrance. Hamilton Samuels then presents Mike with the father of the Year award and also shares that the letter Marcia wrote around him to be the finest they’d ever gotten. Earlier he can not decide on which was the best, yet subsequent readings must have actually led him to this conclusion. Mike realizes that Marcia’s misbehaving ways were not to be rebellious or mischievous, yet to express her love because that him. Mike and also Marcia hug and also the step ends.

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The epilogue is Mike and also Carol in bed reading the newspaper. They room delighting in the photo of Marcia and Mike’s take on and Carol states just how proud she is that Marcia. Mike claims she must be proud as Marcia is she daughter. Carol queries Mike ~ above Marcia’s parentage and he corrects himself and also declares Marcia both his and Carol’s daughter. Castle hug and the credits roll. I was expecting the epilogue to show the entire Brady clan coming home from skiing, yet we got this instead. The episode pipeline it approximately the viewer if Marcia was permitted to walk skiing or if the punishment stood.

“Father that The Year” is unique for an early Brady illustration as the boys space not at odds v the girls for any type of reason, Mike and Carol’s just disagreement is about Marcia going skiing and also the only “woe is me” minute is Marcia’s crying after ~ watching Alice practice skiing. The illustration is definitely short on laughs. The joke about snow gift slush and snow with splinters failure to even garner a chuckle indigenous me. Cindy and Jan’s attempt to cheer up Marcia was the only laugh the end loud moment. I never ever remember Cindy carrying so many funny lines in the early episodes, however she has. The conclusion is an extremely predictable, however still heartwarming because that those who enjoy the household values the Brady Bunch touted. Next week’s episode supplies all the conflict and absurdity we’ve concerned expect indigenous The Brady Bunch. “54-40 and also Fight” was one the I never ever cared lot for farming up, but I am sure I will reap seeing it again and reviewing it through you all. Have a an excellent weekend!