Most the the NASCAR motorists who've showed up in country music videos have showed up in cameos as themselves, however one that them confirmed some genuine acting range. We're taking a look ago at the most epic cameos the NASCAR motorists have do in country music videos end the years.

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A substantial slate of country stars have referred to as on several of their favorite NASCAR vehicle drivers to mug because that the cameras over the years, including Miranda Lambert, Brad Paisley, Justin Moore, Brooks & Dunn, map Adkins and Alan Jackson. The NASCAR driver that starred in a Sara Evans video clip ought to get his own show!

Of course, it's not hard to watch the crossover appeal. Nation music and also NASCAR both target people who share the work-hard, play-hard, good old-fashioned American worths of faith and family that both the genre and the sport have always stood for. And also seeing the drivers in a different setting is really fun, showing fans one more side of world they normally see suited up and also ready come roll.

Do you remember i m sorry NASCAR driver doubled for a nation star? which one did some real-life, major acting? There's even one country video clip that attributes a whole slate of gyeongju favorites! check out on to relive those fond moments.

Carl Edwards' figure in Justin Moore's "Bait a Hook" actors him together the city slicker who is dating Moore's ex. He's the object of Moore's derision in the lyrics together he sneers, "He can't even bait a hook." One comical scene reflects the hapless city boy having to get aid from a NASCAR-like pit crew to gain his watercraft in the water down at the lake, but the joke transforms out to it is in on Moore's character as his reportedly blissfully happy former flame boats off into the distance with her brand-new man — who, in spite of his inability to bait a hook, end up v the enlarge fish and the girl.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Reflects up for a very quick cameo in trace Adkins' video clip for "Rough & Ready," in one of the opened scenes. The cruises up in a convertible alongside Adkins' pickup truck and also gives the a huge victory sign appropriate as Adkins sings, “Earnhardt gyeongju sticker top top the home window / Banged increase fender."

Alan Jackson enlisted assist from a Who's who of NASCAR for his "Who's Cheatin' Who" video, consisting of Rusty Wallace, Dale Jarrett, note Martin, bill Elliott, Ernie Irvin, john Andretti, Jeremy Mayfield and the late, good Kenny Irwin Jr. It's no an enig that Jackson is into cars, and also he had actually a Ford endorsement deal, so shoot day must have actually been a dream come true for the country legend. He even got to drive Irwin's #98 Raybestos Ford F-150 NASCAR SuperTruck in the clip, when the vehicle drivers got come live the end the dream of sitting in v the band.

Dale Earnhardt and his kid left a father-son legacy in much more than simply NASCAR. Earnhardt is likewise among the country stars who showed up in nation music videos, in this circumstances Brooks & Dunn's clip for "Honky Tonk Truth." At first the clip weaves shots the him, dressed similarly to Kix Brooks, in and also out so fast that you deserve to barely call it's the NASCAR legend, yet finally the camera pulls back to reveal the cheat by reflecting all 3 of them together.

Brad Paisley has constantly made an extremely clever use of music videos, and also his hilarious clip for "Old Alabama" is no exception. Paisley manages to mix appearances indigenous the members the Alabama v cameos indigenous NASCAR motorists Darrell Waltrip and Jeff Gordon, together with team owners Rick Hendrick and also Kelley Earnhardt Miller, right into one seamlessly entertaining visual package. The hugely entertaining video clip also functions a auto chase a la Smokey and the Bandit.

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When Miranda Lambert was looking for a companion in crime for her "Fastest Girl in Town" video, it's only natural that she turned come NASCAR driver Danica Patrick. Patrick dram Lambert's accomplice in a car heist, first helping her distract a guy in a bar, climate serving as the getaway driver for a wild ride that ends v the victim under arrest and also the sexy perps heading out for a well-earned beer.

Did we leave the end your favorite country video that functions a NASCAR driver? Or perform you wanna sweet in top top the persons in our list? Leave us your comment below!