At James+James, we construct a most solid hardwood dining and also kitchen tables each year in every shapes and sizes. However nothing win the popularity of a 6 human table, specifically for a kitchen table area, smaller dining rooms, and breakfast nooks. "What length table because that 6 people?" "How long does a table must be come fit 6?" are an extremely common concerns for our team.

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6" l x 37" W Turnbuckle Table in Dark Walnut stain with a jointed top.

For rectangular Tables: Most people find that a 6 foot lengthy (72 inch) dining table is perfect for seating 6 comfortably.

For Square Tables: You"d it is in surprised how often we get asked because that a square table that seats 6, but 6 isn"t really divisible by 4 sides...We generally reccomend a 46" x 46" table for seating 4 and also a 55" x 55" square or 66" x 66" for seating 8 (which ns suppose can seat 6, if you symmetry isn"t your point ;).

For ring Tables: many of ours customers uncover that 54" to 60" ring tables room pefect because that seating 6. 


54" ring Pedestal Table through Henry Chairs.

No issue the form you"re going with, right here are a couple of more things to take into consideration when sizing your perfect dining table:

1. Her Chair Width

Most side dining chairs selection from 16" vast to 24" wide. Eight chairs can quickly reach 30" wide. If you"re going with a narrow chair, you"ll be able to sit much more along the side of the smaller sized table, however if her chairs space larger, you might need to bump up your table length. 

2. Your Table basic Style

If you need to maximize seating, friend might think about a trestle or pedestal layout table - those formats will enable you to seat guests follow me the entire length that the table. Compare the to a corner leg table, wherein you have to fit all the chairs in between the foot of the table and you have the right to see the advantage in particular circumstances. Because that chairs ~ above the ends of the table, make certain the trestle is inset at least 13" or the the corner legs are large enough apart to seat someone comfortably.

Pictured over is a 6" long x 37" vast table with 6 17" broad chairs and corner legs.

With the edge legs changed by a trestle/pedestal layout table, the table can now chair 8 total (albeit very tightly with very narrow chairs).

3. Her Room"s Size

You don"t want to overcrowd her room. One an excellent tip the helps numerous our customers each year: usage painters tape to draw a table ~ above the floor. This will certainly realy assist you visialize the new table in her space. Try to store at least 3" that clearance indigenous all walls for comfort. Then merely take a ice measure and also measure what you drew on the ground with painter"s tape. Because we construct tables to custom sizes, if that happens come 6.75", perfect! That"s what we"ll develop your table at.

Bonus: think about A Bench

A bench down one next of the table might be a an excellent option come consider, especially with children. As soon as needed, you can pack several kids (and your friends, cousins etc.) on a bench - however with chairs it"s quite much just 1 per seat. A bench can additionally be tucked away under the table to cost-free up room exterior of meal time and depending top top the length of friend table, one bench can come in ~ a expense savings over number of chairs.

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6" together x 37" W country French Turned leg Table pictured with a matching Dianne Bench.

Still have questions? our team would certainly love come help. Just shoot your concerns to designteam and also one that our architecture consultants will certainly get back to girlfriend quickily. Give us a contact at 479-633-7557 or leave us a comment below!