my stepfather passed far 7 years ago. The did not have actually a will. Mine mother has actually done a probate and established his 2 youngsters as heirs together with herself. They have actually not - also 7 years later on - signed papers. Mom has just tried to refinance her house only to uncover out the the 2 step youngsters are top top the deed to her home. Lock refuse to authorize off of her house which she owned for 30 years prior to she married her husband. They to be sadly just married because that 3 years. The 2 step youngsters are convicted felons - each having actually spent time in prison. In this situation, space felons yes, really entitled come a section of my mother's home? - particularly being that she and her husband were only married for a couple of short years?

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A: nevertheless of your history, the two stepchildren space entitled to inherit their father's community property attention in the house -- if any. From what girlfriend write, it appears that the residence was her mother's separate property...unless she deeded it to your stepfather and herself during their marriage. If she did, he had a neighborhood property interest. She should take the deed to a regional probate lawyer and also discuss the situation. Together of September 1, 2017, she can lug an action for partition and buy the end the stepchildren.


A: ns agree with Ms. Garrett. Take it the deed and any other documents related to a probate attorney because that direction.


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