If I have a felony on my record, have the right to I obtain approved for a vehicle dealer license? The quick answer is that depends.

Getting a automobile dealer license through a felony is no impossible. There are instances where friend will have a more difficult time gaining a automobile dealer license through a ahead felony.

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For example, if you have actually been convicted of a motor car dealer crime, girlfriend will more than most likely not be granted a license.

If you have actually been convicted of a non-violent, non-motor car dealer crime, this most likely will not affect your ability to obtain approved for a dealer license.

Note that numerous states stop a felony conviction from acting together an automatic bar come employment.

Here is summary of 14 state legislations that half discrimination by employers.

Crimes the Could impact Your capability To acquire a Dealer License

Felony convictions relating to persons, property, or fraudAutomotive crimes such as:Odometer tamperingAuto theftTitle forgery

Crimes the Most most likely Will Not affect Your ability To gain A Dealer License

Non-violent crimes such as:DUIDWIShoplifting

For a list of non-violent and violent crimes, inspect out this list.

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If You have actually a previous Felony

If you’ve been convicted that a previous felony, you will require to administer documentation that your polite rights have actually been restored.

Many states immediately restore your civil rights upon completion of probation or discharge from department of Corrections.

Some states need you to record an applications to restore your polite rights. Call your state because that the restoration process.

Note that many states protect against a felony conviction native acting together an automatically bar come employment. Below is an overview of 14 state laws that ban discrimination by employers.

Before using For A Dealer License

If you space not certain whether you space eligible because that a auto dealer license due to something on your record, girlfriend may have the ability to submit an abbreviated application.

An abbreviated applications will enable you to view if you would certainly be granted a license before you go v the problem of setup up your organization location, obtaining a surety bond, and also so forth.

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To check out if her state enables for an abbreviated application, contact your DMV license staff.

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