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These desert birds space so well adjusted to their setting that they room able to survive on the fluids they acquire from your diet. Roadrunners absorb the water found in their prey through their efficient digestive systems. To stay hydrated, castle rid themselves of the overfill salt uncovered in your protein-rich diet through active salt glands situated near your eyes, if conserving the important water. 

6. They space Cuckoo birds

These fast and also fiery birds room members of the cuckoo family, and also the higher roadrunner’s Latin name, Geococcyx californianus, method Californian earth-cuckoo. While the roadrunner no share numerous traits through the usual cuckoo, they are both zygodactyl birds. Castle have 4 toes: 2 pointing forward and two pointing back, which leave tracks that look favor X’s. Like various other cuckoos, roadrunners space slender birds v rounded wings and graduated tail feathers.

7. Castle Aren't awkward

Roadrunners space charismatic birds, and being fleet that foot can just make them feeling confident around exploring every little thing they're curious about — including people. People are simply as interested in roadrunners as they room in us, and also when one ideologies on foot and cocks that head, it's a sight to see.

Humans likewise appreciate roadrunners’ totally free pest control organization — your appetite because that insects and rodents is a advantage to humans.

8. They space Monogamous

Roadrunners have intricate mating rituals, and also may mate because that life. Their courtship starts with the male chasing the mrs on foot. Like other bird species, the masculine tries come woo the female v food, regularly bringing her a lizard in his beak. Both males and females shot to lure each other with offerings of sticks or grass. The male wags its tail and leaps into the waiting to acquire attention. Males also make cooing sounds, which have the right to be heard here, listed by the macaulay Library.

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Once a pair mates, they stay together to defend their are all year. The birds build a swarm in a low shrub or tree and line it through grass, leaves, and sometimes cow dung. Each pair has two come eight eggs each breeding season. Many pairs raise the young together, taking turns protecting the hatchlings and procuring food.

9. Lock Sunbathe in the Morning

On cool desert nights, roadrunners get in a state of torpor, enabling their human body temperature come drop to conserve their energy. To recuperate from their cold night that slumber, roadrunners spend the morning lying the end in the sunlight, v their feathers elevated to permit the sunlight to reach their skin.