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Cheerios are among the an initial "real" foods given come hand-fed infant cockatiels...they're big and basic to grab v the beak.



Obviously you are the victim that a deprived childhood!No Fruit Loops?No Mini-Wheats?No street Pops?Not also *gag* Grape nuts??Oh girlfriend poor, bad child. *tsk tsk*What carry out you eat because that breakfast or...er, late night snacks?

But i bet you can do exceptional things with PB Cap'n Crunch in a rice-krispy bar with cacao on top. Yum!
I just can't condone the eat of Cinnamon cereals. I'm sorry.Brown street Cinnamon popular music Tarts however, are another story. ;o)
...for breakfast this morning, grabbing a couple as ns headed out to the radio station. And also dinner tonight: a key of Flintstone Coco-Pebbles and also a banana.;-)
Well, dinner was one more matter.Montreal Chicken, steam cauliflower, some kind of chicken-flavored rice from a packet (it was rather good, actually), and also peas.Had I recognized you to be limiting you yourself to grain for dinner ns would've invited you over.Granted, that would have been cold once you got here, yet isn't that the thought that counts? :o)
Despite city hall "30-Minute Meals" ~ above Food Channel this morning and also getting a good Cuban-inspired recipe idea: Mashed plantains with a shrimp, tomato and also caramelized veggie sauce. (Rachael Rey is my brand-new culinary hero.)
My kitchen is the the "grab it while girlfriend can" variety. :o)I've only captured her display once yet I bought the book for mine Sister in regulation for Christmas. Ns don't think she's cracked it open up yet, though.Who was your old culinary hero?
Paul Prudhomme (on mine last pilgrimage to brand-new Orleans, i ate at K-Paul's and also was in absolute heaven)---Donald Barickman (executive chef at Magnolia's in Charleston, SC; his shrimp-and-grits recipe, obtained from his cookbook, is the star that my very own kitchen when I cook for friends)---Anthony Bourdain (his book "Kitchen Confidential" was a riot!)---Chef Sean, an almost-unknown owner/chef the a yes, really nice restaurant close to home below (I'd commit criminal behavior for his black Angus medallions and creme brulee for dessert)
I was always afraid to cook, actually.Following recipes was never ever my strong point yet in the last year or therefore I've discovered myself venturing right into the kitchen and also to the stove an ext often - save for those late-night snacks that require only a bowl and also a spoon. :o)
It's always more enjoyable when I have an audience because that my cooking. I supplied to chef for my employee every chance I got, and also my friends visit often and we do a night of getting in the kitchen, popping open up a couple bottles of vino, and cooking climate eating together.I *love* regional recipes (Creole, Cajun, Tex-Mex/Southwestern)and Caribbean food. I'm less adept at classic French and also Italian cooking.If there's no audience, there's only a 60/40 opportunity I'll cook. I'm simply as likely to open a have the right to or do a sandwich. That's why Rachael beam is my "new hero": I'd never ever seen her "30-Minute Meals" present until this morning, and I'm hooked top top the idea that I have the right to turn out an excellent food there is no a the majority of fuss.
...if only someone would chef for me.Of course, the would typical they'd actually need to be *in* my house and also use my stuff, most likely make a huge mess the *I* would have to clean up and also just generally obtain on my nerves...Hmmmmmmm...the dog has around 30 tip mastered...do you think you could teach she to chef for me?
Cheerios are among the very first "real" foodstuffs given to hand-fed baby cockatiels...they're huge and simple to grab v the beak.
> or Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch?Honey seed Cheerios - EVERY morning! my cat Lucy loves love husband Kashi.

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or Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch?Honey nut Cheerios - EVERY morning! mine cat Lucy loves love husband Kashi." />

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