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Q: It’s that time the year again! My neighborhood grocery save is ultimately stocked with all my favorite holiday-themed creamer flavors — things favor eggnog, gingerbread and also pumpkin spice! there’s something around holiday creamer the really provides the season come lively for me. Ns know, I recognize i’m superficial and also perhaps a little crazy. However every year, i savor the last few drops of mine Peppermint Mocha coffee come January time, and I was thinking — perhaps there’s a means for me to gain the holidays every year long! (At the very least when it concerns my coffee, the is....). For this reason my concern is this: can you freeze coffee creamer? will it tho taste simply as great in may as that does in December?

A: an excellent question. I’ve frequently wondered that myself together I sip mine gingerbread latte in my red-and-white flannel PJs ~ above a frigid December morning. Fortunately for both the us, the prize is a resounding yes! many creamers will have actually a “Do no Freeze” warning ~ above them, and also I have to be honest — ns not certain why. Maybe because they constantly want you to buy new creamer, whether it’s on revenue or not. And as any type of coffee devotee knows, creamer is vital at any price.

But there is nothing wrong through freezing creamer. I have done the myself and didn’t notification one bit of a difference in quality or taste.

Actually, many world I know freeze milk to stop the trouble of running the end at the last moment (nothing worse 보다 filling a bowl of Fruity Pebbles and opening the fridge, just to realize that the half gallon the was complete yesterday is i do not have anything to be found). Some indicate pouring out a cup or so prior to you freeze it to avoid the milk exploding in the freezer (that’s due to the fact that liquid expands when the freezes). However, I have frozen milkwithout putting anything off very first and haven’t had any kind of explosions. That should also be listed that milk often transforms to a yellowish color when the frozen, but fear no — it’ll be white again as soon as the defrosts.

Something else the you deserve to freeze that i bet girlfriend didn’t understand about: Eggs, but not in your shells. Just mix with each other a dozen eggs, then pour the mixture right into individual ice cube trays. Not certain why you would want to carry out this, however it can be done.

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In our house, we like to purchase in bulk and then freeze every sorts that things. Our favorites are cheese — both sliced and also shredded and any type of meat. Friend can even freeze deli meat.

One point I prefer to do to save time is do my son’s peanut butter and also jelly sandwiches in advance and individually freeze them. I know this seems like it no save much time, but when she trying to operation out the door in the morning v two toddlers, one baby and actually do it to school before lunchtime — every second counts!

So remainder easy — and go ahead and buy every the holiday-themed creamer girlfriend want! Come the spring, you’ll be enjoying her pumpkin spice latte while your neighbor over there has to suffer with level ol’ hazelnut. Happy holidays!