Let’s say you have a deserve to of paint labeled because that exterior use, however it"s her kitchen that requires some painting job would you use it indoor? Both indoor and outdoor paints save on computer the very same pigment and provide the same sheen, however they differ in countless ways. Paints space formulated differently depending on their intended use. Manufacturers and experts would recommend using paint as labeling – exterior because that outside and interior for inside.

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But there is one concern that lingers in your mind, can you use exterior paint inside? permit me price this inquiry by informing you very first the differences in between exterior and interior paint. Enumerating the flaw and advantages of making use of exterior paint inside will likewise lead you come the ideal answer.
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The Differences in between Exterior and Interior Paint
Type that Liquids Used
Odor Quality
Quality of Finish
The benefits of using Exterior Paints Indoor
The defect of using Exterior Paints Indoor
Final Thoughts

The Differences in between Exterior and Interior Paint

Both species of repaint are easily accessible in a wide array the colors. One of two people paint have the right to be used indoors but each has actually been recipe to do well in the environment. You can use exterior paint inside yet there room things you need to know very first before act it.

After weighing the benefits and flaw of making use of outdoor repaint inside would certainly you still use it indoor? If girlfriend still desire to offer the exterior paint a chance, climate you should have the ability to counteract its an unfavorable effects. But, if you desire to be on the more secure side the is ideal to use indoor paints inside and outdoor paints outside. Paints space formulated differently depending upon where girlfriend will use it because that a simple reason – it’s what will provide you the ideal results. So, have the right to you use exterior paint inside? The prize is yes but think about the aftermath of making use of it.


Exterior paints space formulated to withstand the harsh elements outside. The most typical flexible form of paint supplied outdoors is the premium latex exterior paint. It has actually flexible acrylic resins that contract and also expand together with home siding throughout the sudden change of weather from warm to freezing cold.

Outdoor paints contain UV-blocking additives and also are highly water-resistant that avoid unexpected malfunction from the straight sunlight. Part additives safeguard the surface against tannin stains and mildew spores native wet fall leaves.

The internal paints are manufactured to survive the heavy indoor web traffic that usually results in day-to-day scrapes and bumps against woodwork and walls. At home paints space formulated v additives and also resins that develop a smooth finish that withstands consistent scrubbing or dusting. This form of wall paint an in similar way includes additives that minimize spatter together you use it using a roller or brush.

Type of Liquids Used

Exterior and interior paints different on the types of liquid used. According to federal guidelines, indoor paints usage water-based paints such together latex which contain the lowest levels of volatile essential compounds or VOCs. The link are supplied as solvents in the liquid component of paint and evaporate in ~ room temperature.

VOCs are linked with some long-term and also short-term health problems, favor headaches and dizziness come respiratory health problems and liver damage. Lock are also known come cause details cancers.


Based ~ above EPA reports, the level of VOCs is much greater inside your home than outside, and it may increase significantly during post-painting. Select interior paints with low or no VOC levels. This is one reason why you have to not use exterior paint inside. The out paints do not meet the very same low-to-no VOC requirements. Yet if friend can discover an exterior paint that adheres to the VOC requirements, climate you deserve to use it as indoor paint. (Environmental protection Agency)

Odor Quality

Since the repaint manufacturers are likewise concerned about human health and the environment, lock formulate at home paints that produce less odor and minimal or no toxic emissions. If the exterior paints space formulated with ingredients when provided in at home spaces emit in the setting chemical fumes the includes strong mildewcides, volatile essential compounds, and also other possible health hazards. These airborne chemicals may irritate throat and also eyes and also are well-known harmful to those through respiratory disorders.

Quality the Finish

The most common form of exterior and also indoor paints is latex. You have the right to use exterior latex paint for your living room or kitchen, however you have to think countless times prior to you do. The additives and also binders in outdoor repaint are formulated to withstand harsh conditions, and also you will gain thicker coating and less decorate as compared to internal latex finish.

Vice versa, an interior latex paint will not be able to last long if you use it to paint your fence or house siding due to the fact that it lacks the heavy-duty additives. Also if the inner paint will not fade easily in the sun, the paint itself would weaken easily, and you might find yourself repainting the after numerous months.

The benefits of utilizing Exterior Paints Indoor

Exterior paints are not recommended because that indoor paint for numerous reasons. However, there are still some benefits of using exterior paints indoor and also some of which room as follows:


An exterior paint can be supplied for interior painting favor in the bathroom since it is vulnerable to humidity and also moisture. These components can reason cracking, mold and mildew, and peeling problems. Out paints are formulated to stand up to these determinants thus it is used by some homeowners to repaint their bathroom.Exterior paint held up much much better than indoor paint. Because outdoor repaint is draft to make it through any adjust in weather it will not easily fade or removed. Thus, if you usage it on your kitchen and also bathroom that will stay longer also if the areas are exposed come heat and also cold every day. The end paints have the right to be supplied both exterior and indoor. If the indoor paints are offered only because that indoor.

The defect of making use of Exterior Paints Indoor

Exterior paints contain a high level that VOCs i m sorry is attention to person health and also the atmosphere thus making use of it indoor is no safe. Yet if you can uncover an outdoor repaint with a low level that VOCs, climate you can consider using it inside.Outdoor paints emit solid and irritating smell in the atmosphere that may last increase to six months. If you cannot bear the smell, you should avoid making use of it. But if opened the windows and the exhaust fan have the right to solve her odor concern, then good for you.Using exterior paints may an outcome to a rougher end up than at home paints. These paints space formulated differently which is why they are providing you various results.

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Final Thoughts

After weighing the benefits and defect of making use of outdoor repaint inside would you still use it indoor? If you still want to provide the exterior paint a chance, climate you should be able to counteract its an unfavorable effects by reaching out come Seattle paint company. But, if you want to it is in on the more secure side that is ideal to use indoor paints inside and outdoor paints outside. Paints are formulated differently relying on where girlfriend will use it because that a straightforward reason – the what will carry out you the best results. So, can you usage exterior paint inside? The answer is yes however think around the results of making use of it.