I have been a pan of turtles because I to be a tiny young boy. I resided in a town near a beach, and also I would sometimes go over there to have actually fun with my parents. I occasionally would see little turtles roaming about the water bed, and at first, they fear me. But one day, mine father just picked among them up and also made me pet it. Since then, I have actually been caring for that an extremely same turtle, and also he has been growing as i have. My turtle has now been through us because that 23 years, and also I love it to death. 

My turtle is such a breeze come look after. There room no mental problems like separation anxiety or bowel difficulties I need to look after. There also are no deep-suited problems that should be solved. All I need to do is to save it clean and well-fed. Currently you can have the burning concern on her mind about what you have to be feeding her turtle and also is a hermit crab food for sure for her turtle to eat. I will answer your question as I had actually the same concerns you had actually once.

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things to feed your turtle:


Turtles room a really low-maintenance pet to keep. There are no issues when you store them for many of your life. If you room sure to save their living room clean and also their food safe, they will grow and also sometimes even outrage you. Therefore what are the foodstuffs you have to feed her turtle?

Turtles mainly fall under two categories in preference for foods. They deserve to either it is in omnivores or herbivores. If you have a turtle that is one omnivore, you have the right to feed the various foods like fruits, vegetables, fish, insects, and also pellets. 

However, if you have an herbivore on your hand, then they will only eat fruits and also vegetables.

The most easily available food because that turtles is the commercially accessible food pellets, which castle seem come enjoy and should make up a great percentage that the diet friend feed your turtle. Girlfriend can likewise feed them fishes and also insects, i m sorry will give them nutrients favor calcium, phosphorus, and also vitamins. 

Fruits and vegetables are additionally a an excellent option for your turtle to have to fulfill their nutritional needs. You deserve to feed them veggies prefer Kale and also collard. You can additionally give lock carrots, zucchini and also lettuce, and also apples. 

So, in essence, turtles can eat a the majority of the easily accessible foods and also remain healthy without any aftermath to your health.

Turtles additionally need Vitamin A and also Calcium to sustain a healthy and balanced life.

So what about hermit crab food? Is it for sure for your hermit crab and also turtle to share a plate? Let’s uncover out.

can turtle eat hermit crab food:

 Hermit crabs have actually a diet that mainly is composed of commercially accessible pelleted diets. They additionally eat new fruits and vegetables. Some of the points that hermit crabs reap eating are mangoes, papayas, fresh and also dry coconut, grapes, apples, to apologize sauce, bananas, strawberries, melons, carrots, spinach, watercress, leafy environment-friendly lettuce, broccoli, grass, nuts, peanut butter, raisins and seaweeds, crackers, cereals, eggs, meat, shrimp and also fish.

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So together we deserve to see indigenous the above combination of foodstuffs that hermit crabs like, we can safely assume that they room omnivores, just like turtles. 

So, deserve to you store a hermit crab and also a turtle with each other under one roof, offering them the exact same diet?

The price is Yes and also No!

Turtles must be fed or input calcium and also Vitamin A, which is important for your life sustainability. Hermit crab food is mostly filled v calcium. 

Even though turtles deserve to eat the commercially obtainable pellets that were designed for hermit crabs, they execute not have the specific nutrients that are Vitamin A the turtles need very much. This is why you must not be reasoning of putting turtle food or hermit crab food to each other. However, you have the right to interchange most of the things they eat like fruits and vegetables and also other foods items they prefer to eat together. 


I expect you understand and have found the answer to your question. Not many civilization can price this question, as no many human being have hermit crabs and turtles together. If they do, they are specifically mindful to clues different varieties of foods for different pet types. Hermit Crabs and Turtles are both aquatic omnivores and also will mostly have the exact same nutritional needs. Sometimes also their food pellets have the very same nutritional benefits. However, you must vary the one thing that is not easily accessible in your Hermit crab Food, i m sorry is the very vital Vitamin A castle need an extremely much. Therefore you can sometimes feed her turtle hermit crab pellets, but you have to not make a habit out of it as they can damages the health of her rabbit in the lengthy term. However, you deserve to feed lock the same things once coming right into the kingdom of food and vegetables, i m sorry both these creatures enjoy.