It is a fact that you have to take great care of your body piercing so the you have the right to heal comfortably and avoid infections.

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If you room not a LITHA follower, you have the right to avail of a variety of antibacterial commodities to store your piercing clean and this consists of antibacterial assets that prevent infection. Let us take a look in ~ the most typically used products:

• Iodine based antibacterial commodities like Betadine or Triadine are branded products. But these space not for brand-new piercing, specifically those above your neck since the iodine contents in it deserve to irritate the piercing.

Surgeons generally use Betadine and other iodine-based antibacterial products prior to a surgery particularly on skin the is not broken. Since Betadine is for exterior use only, making use of it on a new piercing have the right to make the skin sensitive to it and also cause contact dermatitis.

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• There room iodine services that might contain citrus acid which can also irritate the brand-new piercing like Hibiclens.

• expert piercers are recommending liquid soaps the contain Triclosan because it cleans brand-new piercings gently and also effectively. But do not use Palmolive dish washing liquid which likewise contains Triclosan for her piercings!