Bobs are a form of pair of shoes made by Skechers. Comparable to Toms, they feature a slip-on style that provides them both comfortable and easy come wear. The best component is that they donate a section of every sale to the Petco Foundation. In other words, you get to assist animals by buying your shoes.

More around Skechers

Skechers is one American footwear company. Since their beginning in 1992, they’ve become one of the largest athletic footwear brand in the U.S. Currently, they market two species of shoes—those from their lifestyle division and those from your performance division (Bobs falls into the former category).

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Aside native their retail stores, friend can find their pair of shoes at Mark’s, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Target, and also various various other retailers. That course, you can likewise shop virtual via their website. Castle offer complimentary shipping for all Skecher elite members (their membership program).

More around Bobs Shoes

Bobs are a kind of shoes that space designed to save the resides of dogs and cats. The means it works, Skechers will certainly make a donation come the Petco foundation with every purchase. Those the Petco Foundation? the a non-profit animal welfare organization that intends to improve pet welfare.

Design-wise, these shoes space very similar to Toms, as mentioned earlier. Yes sir one difference, however—they function striking patterns, generally those of animals. Because that example, lock have many prints that attribute dogs. Through that said, they additionally have “neutral” patterns as well.

As much as price goes, it counts on the print. Normally speaking, though, friend can acquire a pair because that under $50. Every when in a while, they’ll likewise have sales wherein you can acquire a pair for cheaper. Regardless of the discount, however, the brand will make a donation to help the animals.

Taking treatment of Bobs Shoes 

Similar to Toms, Bobs space made indigenous canvas material. In other words, castle not exactly resistant to dirt. Wear lock continuously and also they will obtain dirty. But then again, what sort of shoes will remain clean forever?


Considering that, you want to do your component to keep the shoes clean. Not only will castle look better but they’ll likewise last longer. Because that one thing, girlfriend don’t want to wear lock if it’s raining outside—that’s a mess waiting to happen. Another thing is that you desire to clean castle as soon as feasible if they’ve obtained dirty. The sooner girlfriend take care of the dirt, mud, or every little thing it is, the simpler it’ll be.

Different layouts of Bobs Shoes

The many popular form of Bobs resemble Toms, however, that’s not the only layout that castle offer. As it transforms out, they have a few other collections together well. Let’s take a quick look at them below.

Traditional Bobs aka “Toms” Style

Traditional Bobs room the ones the resemble Toms. Do from woven textile fabric, they feature a slip-on design with a tucked toe pleat front. There’s likewise a bone-shaped metal logo design on the heel that states “Bobs for Dogs.” While lock don’t market as lot support as several of the various other styles, they do come with a rubber traction outsole. They additionally come through a cushioned insole, something that sets them apart from actual Toms.

Bobs coast Collection

These shoes space a tiny different in the they resemble sneakers. Essentially, castle slip-ons through laces. You don’t need to actually tie castle up, though. If anything, they’re an ext of a decoration. After all, this shoes come v an elasticized collar so the you have the right to slip castle on and also off easily. On optimal of that, they come with arch support and a cushioned insole.

Bobs Marley Jr. Collection 


These shoes function a platform single (3/4 inch), i beg your pardon is what set them except the other styles. Their construction, however, is very comparable to various other Bobs in the they come with a memory foam insole and a flexible rubber traction outsole. There’s additionally a solid-colorer canvas heel and collar trim.

How to to wash Bobs Shoes

One that the good things around Bobs is the they are relatively easy come clean compared to various other shoes. This needs to do with the truth that they’re do from textile materials. Put it simply, the fabric can it is in washed v no problems. Right here are a pair of ways to perform that.

Washing your Bobs Shoes v the Washing Machine

Believe it or not however you deserve to wash your Bobs shoes the same way that you perform laundry. In other words, you can put them in the washing machine. Before you walk ahead and also do that though, clean the sole off through a soft-bristled brush. The cleaner the is, the much better it’ll do in the washer. That might likewise be a great idea to wipe down the textile upper.

Once you’ve got it every “clean”, put it in a laundry bag and place the in the washer. If anything, this is super important. There is no the bag, your Bobs will certainly be thrown roughly during the to wash cycle, which could damage them. Another thing—wash the shoes independently by themselves. Protect against washing them in addition to your clothes. To help balance the weight, add in a couple of medium or large-sized towels.


The following step is to collection your washer come a tenderness cycle. Girlfriend should constantly choose cold water—hot water can finish up melt the adhesives in the shoes. Native there, add in the soap. Energetic detergent is an excellent choice because these shoes space made indigenous a textile material. Relying on the kind of machine that girlfriend have, friend either want to to water the powder to the bottom that the washer or location it in the drawer compartment. Make sure you don’t include any bleach—it’ll fade the nice print that’s on her Bobs!

Let the washing device do the rest. Take your Bobs out when the bicycle is done and also let lock air dry overnight (it deserve to take longer relying on the style). Never put the shoes in the dryer—the cloth can rip or shrink.

Hand Washing your Bobs Shoes

Nervous around putting your Bobs in the washing machine? consider cleaning castle by hand instead. Start by making use of a soft bristle brush come remove any dirt it is on the upper. Repeat v the sole. The goal is to eliminate all debris before you actually start to “wash” the shoes.

Fill a bowl 3/4 complete with heat water. Include in some active detergent to create a soapy solution. Mix the liquid v your hand till bubbles start to appear. Dive an old toothbrush right into detergent water and also use it come clean up her Bobs. Always move the in a gentle, circular motion. Stop the advice to scrub as it can damage the material.

Optional: Consider soaking her Bobs in a container of the soapy water if they’re excessively dirty. That’ll permit the detergent to lift off the dirt and also grime. Generally speaking, 15 come 20 minutes have to do. Once you’ve taken them out, you’ll want to rinse turn off the soap through running water (it’s more than likely easiest to do so in the tub).

Finally, let your Bobs wait dry. Provided that the product isn’t have to thick, it do not do it take also long. Carry out not placed them in the dryer.

Spot Cleaning her Bobs Shoes

Have a few visible stains on your Bobs? instead of placing them in the washer or washing them by hand, you have the right to just point out clean them. The way, girlfriend won’t have to wait that long for them come dry.


The first step is to mix active detergent through water in a key to develop a soapy solution. Dip an old toothbrush or sponge into the liquid and also use it to spot clean the stain. Ideally, you desire to work from the external to the inside—that way, you won’t have to worry about spreading that to other parts the the shoe.

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Rinse the brush afterward and also use it to eliminate the soap. When you’re finished, enable the spots to dry. If the stains space still visible, you may wish to repeat the above steps or placed the entirety thing in the washing machine.

Best ways to remove Odors from Bobs Shoes

Many people pick to wear Bobs without socks. After ~ all, they’re slip-ons. If that’s good and all, the also way that the shoes will certainly come into contact with the sweat from your feet. End time, this can an outcome in a remarkable odor. Here are a few ways that you deserve to fix the problem:

Put your Bobs in the Freezer

Bobs are fairly compact, particularly the classics. This way that girlfriend can conveniently fit them in the freezer. If anything, that’s among the easiest means to deodorize your shoes. The bacteria that’s leading to the smell won’t have the ability to survive in the freezing temperatures. Simply leave them in overnight and also take them the end the following morning. Tip—put your Bobs in a plastic bag!

Pour Baking Soda Inside your Bobs

Baking soda is very versatile and also one that the points that you deserve to use them because that is your shoes. Pour a liberal quantity of the powder inside your Bobs and wait overnight. It’ll absorb the smells so the they’ll smell fresh again the following morning. If you don’t want to get the insoles dirty, friend can constantly put the flour in a sock and also put the sock inside the shoes.

Wipe your Bobs through White Vinegar 

White vinegar is another thing that you have the right to use to clean your Bobs. Pour a little onto a clean fabric or paper towel and also use it come wipe the insole and also the top and also sides. That weak acidic properties will neutralize any odor that’s present. It i will not ~ smell prefer vinegar either as long as friend let it dry completely.