Having your period should never organize you ago from doing the things you love, living life tasiilaq.netme the fullest, and also having a good time.

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This tasiilaq.netntains going on vacation, visiting the beach, or having a swimming pool party v friends. What around swimming ~ above your duration with a pad?


Swimming top top your duration with a pad is no advised.

Pads room made the end of absorbent product that soaks increase liquids within setasiilaq.netnds.

Submerged in water prefer a pool, a pad will fully fill with water, leave no room because that it tasiilaq.netme absorb your menstrual fluid. Plus, it may swell up right into a big soppy mess. No fun.

Water can likewise make the difficult backing the keeps your pad in location ineffective. This is why it’s no a an excellent idea to swim top top your duration with a pad.

However, if you’re just lounging poolside or sunbathing top top the beach, feel free to wear a pad. You may want tasiilaq.netme wear a pair of shorts or a tasiilaq.netver-up over your swim bottoms to do yourself much more tasiilaq.netmfortable. However, if you setup on taking a dive in the water, it’s far better to stay a tampon.

While we’re in ~ it, let’s put your mind in ~ ease about a few more things girls wonder around swimming when on their period:

BTW - acquiring your pad wet won’t cause you any type of harm. So, if her pad gets wet by accident, nothing sweat around it.

You deserve to swim through a pad native a physics standpoint. It won’t hurt you in any kind of way. However from a defense standpoint – no, you can’t swim with a pad.

If you’re tasiilaq.netmfortable using tampons, go ahead and also put one in and dive right into the water.

No. Girlfriend won’t leaving a follow of blood behind youTampons absorb term fluid prior to it also has a possibility to leave her body, therefore there really is no means for that to gain into the water in the very first place.Even better, pressure from the water will certainly actually stop your flow for as lengthy as you in the water. If friend sneeze or tasiilaq.netugh, a little fluid tasiilaq.netuld tasiilaq.netme out, but in such a little quantity the it will be diluted through the water. In various other words, no-one will view it – not also you!

It’s not unhygienic to swim on your periodRemember just how we claimed that her menstrual liquid won’t get in the water? That method that yes nothing unhygienic or unclean about swimming through a tampon in.

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You won’t get tasiilaq.netnsumed by sharksNope. Sharks aren’t going to odor you in the water due to the fact that you have your period. Prefer we said, the water pressure temporarily stops her flow.This means that there yes, really won’t be any kind of menstrual liquid in the water for them tasiilaq.netme detect a la Jaws. Remainder assured. There have yet to be any kind of reported shark assaults on someone that is menstruating.