A FIVE-year old boy lost part of his finger during a disastrous skating accident in ~ an ice rink in Nottingham.

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The boy was left "screaming" in pain after a ska ran over his hand while he to be on the ice with his family at Nottingham's Winter Wonderland.

The five-year-old will need to have surgical procedure on his finger after ~ he dropped from a skating aid and his hand was run over ~ above the ice rinkCredit: NottinghamshireLive/BPM

The ordeal taken place on the ice rink at Nottingham's Winter WonderlandCredit: NottinghamshireLive/BPM

The family, that wish to remain anonymous, claimed that the five-year-old was using a penguin skating help for children prior to he fell onto the ice.

After falling turn off the penguin, the five-year-old's hand was skated over and part of his finger was sliced off.

The youngster's dad, 24, said the ordeal has left the family members "traumatised" and also that their Christmas has actually been ruined.

He said: "It was such a dreadful night.

"My son was in so lot pain, he to be screaming.

"He fell off the penguin. I want there to be seatbelts top top the penguins to stop kids falling off them therefore this never ever happens again.


"I did not think it was safe.

"There were around 100 world on the ice the night and also there might be accidents from other youngsters falling."

First aiders responded on the scene, and the boy was later taken come hospital whereby his hand was bandaged increase - yet he will certainly still need to have surgical treatment on his ideal hand.

Mellors team operates Nottingham's Winter Wonderland.

They said the human in charge of the rink has 15 years’ suffer of operating ice rinks and "he has never come throughout an accident the this nature before."

Edward Mellors, a director of Mellors Group, added: “Safety is really vital to us and also we do every little thing we have the right to to make Winter Wonderland, including the ice rink, together safe as possible for anyone to enjoy.

"We follow the finest practice guidelines for the procedure of the end rinks.

"This to be an regrettably and really unusual accident and also we space really sorry that the young was hurt.

"There are constantly marshals top top the ice and also as shortly as the accident happened, 2 trained very first aiders were immediately with the boy and an ambulance to be called.

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"The penguins are stable and designed to be skating aids for kids to use as well as adults who can push young children about the rink whilst at the same time giving the children the possibility to endure what the is like to skate as they space wearing skates as well which are on the ice.

"We would like to wish him a speedy recovery.”

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