Usually this expression is supplied to average there"s no room for improvement. In this instance it"s fairly the opposite. 52 secs in to this recap of yesterday"s Cubs Nationals game.

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Here"s the phrase, in a little of context:

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Five nothing Cubs, bottom five: that doesn"t gain any better for Jordan Zimmerman, together Dioner Navarro comes v with two males aboard.

Jordan Zimmerman is the pitcher for the Nationals, that has currently given up several home runs, and at this allude — the bottom the the fifth inning — provides one as much as Navarro, the Cubs" catcher.

It"s true the the expression "it doesn"t get any kind of better" usually converts to "it"s yes, really good, as good as possible in fact". This interpretation has been significantly likely since about 1984, once the phrase "It doesn"t gain any far better than this" was adopted as the tagline of a popular series of Old Milwaukee beer commercials. By the early 1990s, the expression had come to be the main point conceit the a collection of self-parody version of the ad:

A lawsuit filed last week, linking alleged sexual harassment of ladies workers in ~ the Stroh Brewery agency to the brewery"s advertising campaign featuring young ladies in bikinis, has focused attention again on what part critics speak to the last bastion the sexism in advertising.

The suit was settled out of court in 1993, but the phrase ongoing to climb:


(The ngram viewer insists on coding "doesn"t" as "does not"; and also I"ve multiplied the frequencies by 10,000 to revolve from uninterpretable percentages v a half-dozen top zeros, come frequencies per million words.)

A bulk of examples in the current Google News index have the positive influence of the beer commercials, and also the intake is especially typical in sports stories, for this reason it"s no surprising the David i found it the impressive negative-valence paper definition of the instance in the Cubs recap.

But the beer-commercial variation is much less dominant all at once than I can have expected, especially when the last "… than this" is omitted. COCA has actually 83 instances the the expression "it doesn"t get any type of better" (corresponding to a frequency of 0.18 per million words, or nearly four times the Google books estimate), and 12 that them room negative, e.g.

If we hadn"t excellent this, it would have actually been worse. Well, that"s something the doesn"t yes, really resonate v a the majority of people, and I perform think that if this is one L-shaped recovery, as Adam just described, whereby you sort of simply bounce follow me on the bottom, that doesn"t get any type of worse, but it doesn"t get any type of better, and wall Street proceeds to take big bonuses, and also the unemployment price is tho bad…

When Jack and I gain home that goes into his office. Ns wander about, until lastly I settle on a plan. Ns take the fireside poker and also walk up the stair to her room where I smash the computer system in. Once I"m excellent Jack is was standing there, watching. "That"s a very expensive machine, " that says.

"Fuck you," i say. It doesn"t get any better. in ~ the end of the month, he moves out.

Kathy Anderson, who relocated to the Old Peachtree Station community off Ga. 20 six years ago, claimed she can"t afford come wait.

" now I have a tough time obtaining out of mine subdivision," she said. "You simply sit there and wait and also wait and wait. It"s scary. It really is."

It doesn"t get any kind of better once she"s top top Ga. 20. Anderson said she"s waited for the website traffic signal to readjust five or 6 times prior to making it across the Ga. 316 intersection.

For Mrs. Ramsaroop, the memories and also emotions are clearly still overwhelming. Together she sits ago in she recliner chair in the life room holding she baby and also talks about her husband Vishnoo, tears stream under her cheeks. She says it doesn"t get any better; every time she talks around him, the pains is tho there.

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LARRY ELLISON, CHAIRMAN &; CEO, ORACLE CORP.: We"re the end of the forecast business. We"re no going come predict once it"s walk to acquire better. We"re walk to assume it doesn"t get any kind of better, and we"ll tell friend it"s going to get much better after it"s already happened.

I guess: v I"m sort of in a ongoing state the amazement the it doesn"t get any better; that it keeps gaining worse and the American people keep falling because that the worst stuff, girlfriend know?

"I said," watch if you have the right to pace you yourself so that doesn"t consume you," " Vermeil recalls.

"Thing is, it doesn"t get any type of better," Vermeil says. "It gets worse. That"s what happened to me. Eventually, there"s no much more gas left in the tank."

"When you shed a child, there"s a period of grieving, and also then you concerned a ar of peace, " she says."But when you have a missing child, you don"t gain that. There is no end. It doesn"t get any better."