I recognize you have actually heard a many stories about turkeys and rain and also how stupid turkeys become when it is raining.

But I’m right here to tell you those stories room not true.

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Do turkeys drown in the rain? No, turkeys perform not cancel in the rain. Turkeys room not as stupid as some human being may think and will not just stand there, looking up at the sky as soon as it is raining, until they drown.

No they are means smarter 보다 that.

Baby turkeys may drown in the rain, due to the fact that obviously they are young and can’t take treatment of themselves.

Baby humans would cancel in the rain too. It has actually nothing to execute with turkeys gift stupid.

This leads us to the following question.

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What perform turkeys do once it rains.


We now know that turkeys execute not drown as soon as it is raining, since they can treatment for themselves.

So what do they do?

If it’s a irradiate rain, your turkeys i will not ~ mind and continue their everyday routine together they don’t feel cold much.

If however the rain becomes heavy and the turkeys room in the rain, the wild turkeys will certainly run to your roosts for shelter or any available shelter that is good enough to protect them native the downpour.

Your domestic birds will but run come the sanctuary you have listed for them.

Smart right?

If the rain starts before their morning has begun, lock won’t leave their roosts also when the job breaks.

They will wait the rain out and just gain the extra time come rest.

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Why walk a turkey’s challenge turn blue?

Turkeys’ faces adjust to reflect that is mood most times.

When a turkey’s challenge is blue, it might mean that it is happy or excited.

It could likewise mean that is cold or has eaten to its fill.

The skin of their heads can adjust from red to blue or white and ago to red in a issue of secs or minutes.

Most times, the skin roughly the head of a turkey is red.

This is because there are blood vessels lying under the skin the the wattle.

These blood vessels space surrounded by tissues called collagen.

When the turkey is flustered or happy, an ext collagen is exposed and incoming light shows off that is skin to reason it to show up blue.

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Can turkeys swim?

We know that turkeys will run for shelter once it is raining and also will not simply wait about to drown.

But what it drops into a flow or find itself in a swimming pool of water?

Will the swim or drown?

No, that won’t. Since turkeys have the right to swim.

When a turkey find itself in a swimming pool of water or river, it deserve to swim the end by dispersing its tails, tucking in that is wings and kicking that is legs.

It is easier for wild turkeys come swim than residential ones however.

Domestic turkeys have been bred to be large, and this might make swimming complicated for them.

So execute not be careless in her duties as their owner.

How do turkeys stay heat when that rains?

When it is raining and also it’s very cold, turkeys know just how to save themselves warm.

They execute this by what is called roosting.

They stay in the roost friend have detailed for them and also settle on your legs while using their feather to cover your legs and also toes.

This help them to store warm and avoid getting frostbitten.

To permit them roost comfortably, certain you administer roosters that are huge enough to accommodate lock so that their feathers can cover your legs and also toes appropriately while roosting.

Can rain kill turkeys?

Yes, rain can kill turkeys.

If girlfriend don’t administer a shelter for her turkeys come run right into when the rains, the hefty downpour could kill them.

Inadequate roost or shelter can likewise be a problem when it’s raining.

If the sanctuary can’t keep them defended from rain adequately, you might soon have actually dead turkeys on her hands.

Your turkeys may not die from gift beaten by the rain immediately, but resultant illnesses can lose to loss that her.

They may build cold a work or two after the cold which could eventually kill them if adequate treatment isn’t taken.


Turkeys execute not drown in the rain, contrary to popular belief.

They are smart pets when it involves taking treatment of themselves.

Before they were domesticated, they resided in the wild for centuries and also survived even the harshest that weather conditions.

Domestic infant turkeys can be killed by rain because they would still be weak and fragile but I don’t think you would certainly let your baby turkeys go the end in the rain.

When that rains, turkeys run to a nearby shelter and stay there till the rain stops.

If the rain started prior to Dawn, your turkeys would most likely sleep in.

They will stay in your coops and wait it rotates the rain stop before starting their usual regime for the day.

A turkey’s face changes colour come reflect the moods.

Its confront could adjust from red come blue to white in a matter of secs or minutes. A turkey’s face transforms to blue once it is excited or happy.

Turkeys have the right to swim if they uncover themselves in a case that calls for it.

They perform this by dispersing their tails, tucking in your wings and also kicking their legs.

You should but not enable your residential turkeys go close to a flow or pond as their large sizes might not make swimming easy for them.

Turkeys store themselves heat when it rains by roosting.

A large coop wherein they could roost comfortably is recommended as rain deserve to kill lock if exposed for a long time.

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