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Hello!Could someone please aid me analyze this sentence in Japanese?\"I simply want to make friends\" or \"I just want to it is in friends through you\"Thank you an extremely much!
A native of advice: on forums prefer this, you\"ll generally obtain a much better reaction once you very first demonstrate some type of effort at figuring it out yourself, before asking world for translation work. Still, I\"ll litter a bone this time:「友達になってくれませんか?」 tomodachi ni natte kuremasen ka?\"Will you it is in my friend?\" / \"Won\"t you execute me the donate of becoming my friend?\"There is critical cultural monitoring to it is in made: you aren\"t straight expressing your very own wants together you would certainly in English. Girlfriend aren\"t even talking indigenous your own perspective. Instead, you\"re asking if someone else will carry out a favor because that you. This kind of indirectness uses to a most things in learning Japanese, and also if girlfriend can gain your brain thinking that method now, it\"ll assist a lot together you progress... Simply sayin\".This however, doesn\"t use quite together strictly when you\"re not asking favors that anyone:「友達をつくりたいです」tomodachi wo tsukuritai desu\"I want to make friends.\"Hope that helps. Shot not come mind mine grumpiness.

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Postby Javizy » might 24th, 2011 10:31 pm

Would you speak something like that in English? i don\"t recognize where you\"re from, yet it sounds prefer a strange thing to say to someone you don\"t know. How about striking up a conversation prefer you would v anyone else? In fact, if she\"s a native Japanese living exterior Japan, she more than likely went over there to enhance her English and experience the culture, and also she might be happy in ~ the chance to practise through a native. Imagine exactly how you\"d feeling in Japan.

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