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to buy for child to use to do a volcano. Clay was so hard, supervisor dried out. Garbage of money, carry out not acquisition
difficult as rocks, shipped fast. Wasn"t left outside yet the plastic approximately the plastic is no air sealed. Rubbish of money. walk refund, but waste the product, time and also shipping.
perform NOT buy this. Invest a few more dollars top top a better product. You gain what you pay for. This was hard and also dried out, that cracked as soon as we tried come mold it.
totally unusable. We were able to use around 7 of 24 colors and by the moment we were excellent playing v it for 20 minutes, 2 that the 7 were additionally too dry to use. My kid was really upset and also disappointed and also I can"t also return since we can"t go all over to send it back right now.
that doesn"t look initial product to me. It"s super hard and not acquiring normal at all. It"s prefer chalk. Mine daughter loves the colour so ns ordered 2 package of these and it"s a waste.
ns should have actually listened it come the evaluation that claims it does not dry out, since that is true. The stuff looks like chewing gum even weeks after producing something. Ns think I need something in between this and also the new plastic foam clay.
The price because that this is great. I bought two packages so we"d have sufficient to pat with. I choose the colors yet the two difficulties we have actually is that it is VERY daunting to remove from hands! I median I had to use a unique cleaner to get this difficult stuff turn off our hands. That part was awful and makes me not want to resolve the initiative to use this again. Secondly, the smell. These have a solid smell. Therefore if you"re sensitive to smells like us, buyer beware! We had actually to open all the windows while making use of this, the odor was that strong. This two reasons are why we"ll it is in shopping for a various brand the modeling clay

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