CHARLOTTE — The state’s liquor stores will avoid selling 95 percent pure serial alcohol the end of issue the product have the right to be abused by young adults v dangerous results.

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The state alcohol addict Beverage control Commission told regional ABC boards in a memo the it is ending the distribution of the pure serial alcohol to an ext than 400 shop statewide beginning Wednesday.

The decision means four products of 190-proof alcohol under the Everclear and Diesel brand names i will not ~ be kept at the state-run warehouse anymore and also can’t be marketed in the local ABC stores after present stock runs out.

State abc Administrator Michael Herring composed that the transforms mean the state will have no product obtainable for sale on ABC save shelves higher than 151 evidence — it is liquor v 75.5 percent alcohol through volume.

WCNC-TV in Charlotte very first reported the adjust after the Mecklenburg County abc Board found much the the pure grain alcohol to be being marketed at stores near college campuses. In response, the local board agreed come limit access to the product by reduce container sizes and moving bottles to other stores.

The pure serial alcohol is “probably the many dangerous product us sell,” said Mecklenburg alphabet chief executive, management Paul Stroup, including that it had actually “no redeeming society value.”

Grain alcohol, or ethanol, is linked with binge drinking on university campuses since it’s significantly much more potent than other distilled spirits. Certain types of grain alcohol have been banned in part states, including West Virginia.

The N.C. Abc commission “has long been came to that young adults drinking virtually pure alcohol are specifically vulnerable come alcohol poisoning,” the supervisory board Chairman Jon Williams claimed in a statement Tuesday.

Customers who use the 190-proof alcohol as an commercial solvent can proceed to buy the product v special stimulate if it’s paid for in advance, Herring wrote in the Nov. 17 memo.

The decision comes two weeks ~ the state commission adjusted a policy designed to assist stores an ext quickly eliminate from your shelves those alcoholic energy drinks that space being scrutinized nationwide.




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