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You can experience only a few of this symptoms, or you could experience all of them in ~ once. A the majority of this counts on your vehicle, its age, and also its health and wellness at the time as soon as your heater core goes bad.

You could be wondering what the hell a heater core is, what the does, and also how that can impact your vehicle. These space all an excellent questions, and we’re going to gain you part quick and easy answer so the you can get your automobile fixed ASAP.

Signs that Your auto Has a negative Heater Core

It's foggy in your car.Your auto smells odd.Your car is devouring coolant.You have a chilly passenger compartment.Your car's cabin is cold, however its engine is hot.

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What is a heater core?What go a heater main point do?Where is the heater main point located?How carry out you change a heater core?Can you drive with a negative heater core?Can a poor heater core reason overheating?How perform I stop my heater main point from leaking?How have the right to you tell if you have actually a blown head gasket?

This short article will also explore the most typical questions sent in by other readers in the "troubleshooting" section towards the bottom. If you have an ext questions as you read, make certain you scroll every the means to the end (another reader has actually likely had the same question).

1. It's Foggy in her Car.

Is that foggy in here? The most common tipoff come a trouble with a heater core is when the inside of your auto suddenly fogs up for no reason. And, when I speak "fogs up," I'm no talking about a little mist ~ above the sheet of the windshield, I'm saying every window is extended with moist, warmth condensation.

What may have happened is the your heater core blew while you to be driving, after ~ the engine warmed up. The warmth coolant leaking into the cabin the the vehicle caused fog due to the fact that that coolant was formerly sitting inside a warm and also temperature-regulated coolant system, and also now it's evaporating into steam as it access time the cooler waiting inside her car.

2. Your car Smells Odd.

Do you smell melons? whether or not the vehicle got every foggy when the heater main point broke, one unmistakable sign of a leaking heater is a fruity, sickly-sweet smell inside the car. This is the odor of her radiator fluid and also definitely a sign that coolant is leaking into your car.

You might likewise smell this beloved smell roughly the external of your car, which way it's time to look underneath her vehicle and see exactly how much of that coolant has actually spilled out onto the ground.

3. Your vehicle Is Devouring Coolant.

Is your auto rather thirsty? If you uncover your car, truck, or van has actually suddenly arisen a voracious appetite for coolant, and also you cannot figure out whereby it's all going, you might well be looking in ~ a blown heater core. Sadly, if the leak is tough to find, the reason might be that the coolant has been leaking into your cabin once the device is cold, and also instead of making fog it's creating a puddle. The very first place i usually examine to confirm a bad heater main point is the passenger-side floor. If that is soaking wet, and so are any forgotten shoes or fast-food bags lying roughly down there, then I understand to doubt the heater core.

4. You have a chilly Passenger Compartment.

Brrr! It's cold in here! A it will be cold passenger compartment is not always a sign of a faulty heater core. It may show that your blower motor or an additional component of your heater has gone bad (cheer up, it might be a ingredient that’s less tedious to deal with than the heater core). Though, if you're seeing one of the other signs in addition to a lack of warm that's a pretty great indicator that the heater main point itself has actually a problem.

When a feet or puncture establishes in her heater core, all that heat air may escape too conveniently to with you at the other end of the heater ducts. Relying on the size of the puncture, you can feel mildly warm, lukewarm, or absolutely freeze air coming from your heater.

5. Your Car's Cabin Is Cold, however Its Engine Is Hot.

Do you have actually a cold cabin and also a hot engine? If you discover that your vehicle has overheated, or continues to overheat, you'll desire to inspect on the health of her heater core for sure. Bear in psychic though, that countless other parts of the vehicle could be involved in the overheating. If your heater stops placing out heat, and your engine appears warm, inspection whether there is a coolant leak elsewhere, or part other problem with her car.

Overheating is very serious for her car. All sorts of major components of your automobile will stay and failure in document speed as soon as they gain too hot. If your auto overheats, inspection the problem and get it fixed ASAP. If the temperature gauge goes up into the hazard zone, don’t journey it; tow it. Friend don't have to heed mine words, yet I can guarantee you'll discover a tough lesson if girlfriend don't.


What Is a Heater Core?

It’s component of the car’s cooling system. The looks exactly like the mini-me version of her radiator, and also is, in fact, a small radiator itself, with a grid of little tubes and a waffled appearance native the fins the disperse the heat. Her heater core permits your heater and defroster to function.

What go a Heater main point Do?

Your heater main point circulates coolant with the tiny tubes; the coolant comes in v one heater hose and also out the other, radiating warm into her cabin so you don’t frozen on those cold winter mornings. It's additionally responsible for permitting your defroster to function properly, and it's attached into the air air conditioning system, which is arranged around similar principles.

Where Is the Heater core Located?

Your heater main point is usually behind her dashboard, under the facility or the passenger side. It will have actually some kind of casing or housing and is usually buried behind practically every various other component that the dashboard.

How do You adjust a Heater Core?

This job is method easier to explain than it is come perform. Often, a DIY'er will check out a Chilton's manual or other auto guide and also say, "No problem! ns can adjust a heater core!"

I'm every for this kind of enthusiasm; it's how I myself acquired into changing heater cores. Though, allow me forewarn you that it is a an extremely tedious task, and once friend know exactly how to perform it, all her friends and family will want you to change theirs too!

With that warning the end of the way, I'm just going to offer you a very simple guide for most cars and trucks indigenous 1958 come 2010. For the details for your details vehicle, you'll have to do your own digging.

Steps compelled to change Your Heater Core

Disconnect the battery.Remove the steering wheel from the vehicle.Remove any type of outer doors or casings indigenous things like the fuse box, speakers. And kick panels.Remove the glove box, radio, speakers, and any accessories.Remove any gauges (be mindful if you have actually a speedometer cable back there!).Detach and also remove her heater and also air conditioner controls.Unbolt and also remove the dashboard.Do not disconnect her air conditioning unless it's absolutely necessary and only if you have actually the proper method to dispose of the Freon. Carry out not just let that leak right into the air. It is bad for the ozone layer and also is toxic, especially to people with love conditions.Disconnect the 2 heater hoses from the engine compartment.Move any air ducts or other contents away indigenous the heater main point housing.Remove the heater core real estate and set it on a table. Remove any screws or fasteners come gain accessibility to the heater core.Take the old main point out and also put a new one in!

Note: come install your heater core, just follow this instructions in reverse. If something got damaged on the way out, please make certain to replace it on the means in.

Caution: just like most DIY tasks, you take it on this one along with all the threats involved. These instructions room very straightforward and meant for a human who is already really mechanically inclined. If you don't have proper tools, safety knowledge, and also a strong mechanical aptitude, you'll desire to seriously think about taking your car to a garage come be fixed by a professional.

Can girlfriend Drive through a bad Heater Core?

A heater core regularly goes negative due to leaking. As the heater core offers engine coolant to create heat, a leaking heater core will reduce the lot of coolant in the cooling system. Low coolant will reason an engine to run at a higher temperature, which can result in considerable engine damage.

Can a bad Heater Core cause Overheating?

Leaks space the #1 factor a car begins come overheat. Leaks in hoses, the radiator, water pump, thermostat housing, heater core, head gasket, freeze plugs and a couple of other things deserve to all lead to difficulties with the vehicle's cooling system. A small leak can quickly turn in come an high value repair and also a serious headache. Frequently times, the problem can relate come a puffy gasket

How do I avoid My Heater core From Leaking?

If that is only a small leak in the heater core, most would recommend simply sealing that leak and also leaving her heater core in place. You have the right to do this just by including some gasket sealer to your vehicle's radiator once your automobile is cold.

How deserve to You phone call if You have a puffy Head Gasket?

There are some makes or models of dare that have a call for blow head gaskets. One such car has together a poor reputation because that head gasket difficulties there is a team of owner trying to gain the manufacturer to have actually a recall on them. If you happen to own one of these vehicles, don’t worry it does not average that you have a bad vehicle or that you space going come spend numerous money.

How to Tell if a Head Gasket Is Blown:

Coolant leaking externally from listed below the exhaust manifold.White smoke from the exhaust pipe.Bubbles in the radiator or coolant overflow tank.Overheating engine.White milky oil.Fouled spark plugs.Low cooling mechanism integrity.


Question: Is It possible to have a damaged Heater Core and Not Exhibit each of the Signs?

I very own a 2005 Honda Civic. Lately, mine a/c has been on and also off. It operation Lukewarm and, together I gain speed, it it s okay colder. Mine passenger next floor has actually been thoroughly soaked, yet not recently. However, I have not had any type of problems through coolant being low. No overheating. I'm certainly not a mechanic. I acquire in and drive. If it needs gas i fill the up. If it requirements oil, I gain it changed. That about sums that up. Is it feasible to have actually a broken heater core and not exhibit every of the signs?

Answer: yes! It's definitely Possible

There room plenty of times when heater cores will certainly go bottom up, and only barely exhibition one or two symptoms. In 90% the cases, you're walk to plainly experience at least two or three indicators that provide away the culprit.

In your certain situation, especially without any loss the coolant, while ns wouldn't preeminence out a poor heater core, I would look first towards her air conditioning unit. When it's not unusual for one aging vehicle to take a tiny time to blow out crisp and cold air, if your a/c is top top the fritz, it could likewise be the culprit soaking your passenger side floor. Alternatively, friend could also have a leak in the seals around your door, windshield or firewall—all the which can be soaking the floor together well.

Question: quiet Smelling Coolant, Is This Normal?

Just bought a 2008 Chevy equinox. That same day I can smell antifreeze when the heat was running, so i took that right earlier and they said poor heater core. I got it earlier today, warmth works great! However, I can still smell a an extremely slight scent of antifreeze. Not favor before, and it even seems come lessen together I drive, but when i restart it, ns smell it again (slightly). Might this just be regular after having actually one fixed? probably there's a residue in the vents or something? I'm hoping it simply goes away after a job or so. What's her opinion?

Answer: Yes... And also No...

Yes, it's not inexplicable to smell a bit of residual coolant drying up in the system.

That being said, it's not common for this smell to persist for more than a couple of days that driving. So, in greater information to your individual plight, since you room describing a chronic type persistence in this smell, I would certainly urge you to take your chevy back to the mechanic and also have them check for any small leaks in her coolant system. When it could just be some residual coolant, it's an ext likely that there is a little leak somewhere the wasn't recorded originally, or that developed after your last heater main point was replaced. It's not unheard of because that this come happen, specifically if your automobile overheated or if over there was any serious pressure in the coolant device when the heater core went bad.

Question: exactly how Much Does repair of the Heater main point Cost?

I am hopeful I have a heater main point problem. Ironically, it started the day I acquired my car earlier from getting a fuel pump relay repaired. After payment a lot because that the fuel pump relay, exactly how much does repair of the heater core cost?

Answer: The Ballpark Price that Heater core Replacement

This is a challenging question to answer, since it relies on what country and/or state you live in, what kind of mechanic girlfriend see, and also what type of vehicle you drive.

That being said, I deserve to offer a ballpark idea that what I might charge and also what common prices are discovered in my area (Seattle, Wa).

For me, a heater main point is regularly a huge job, not because it's difficult, but due to the fact that in nearly all vehicles, the heater main point is behind the dashboard. So, unless I have straight experience with a particular year, make, and also model that I've performed this on, my initial assumption is the it will certainly take no much less than eight hrs to disassemble the dashboard, retrieve and replace the heater core, and also then reassemble the dash approximately it again. This is a general time estimate, including most more recent cars that usually have lots the delicate electrical elements, clips and also knucklebangers. As a cell phone mechanic, my normal going labor price was $60 an hour. So a basic estimate for a heater core would be around $480.

Now, shops in the area, who often have more specialized tools, lifts, and predictable work-related environments, can often get the job done in half the time. The said, due to the fact that they room running a business, your shop rates are going to it is in higher—$90 come $150 average. So because that a 4-6 hour task in a shop, you're looking at a minimum of $360 to $600, to add the price that their desired manufacturers heater core.

Question: Where's that Leak comes From?

I own a 96 chevy corsica 4 cylinder. 2 days ago, on my method back indigenous work, i smelled a really sweet humid icky odor (coolant) within my car. I preserved driving only to check out that white smoke began coming from mine vents and also my auto started promptly overheating. I pulled over to allow the car cool around six times on the way home. As soon as I gained home, i looked under the hood and saw that all of my coolant to be gone, after ~ just obtaining it filled 2 weeks earlier. I asked around and everyone maintained telling me the it was my heater core. Everyone additionally kept informing me to look because that the absent coolant on mine passenger next floor. It's still dry. Ns jacked up my auto to uncover a leak and also poured a gallon the water right into the coolant compartment to do just that and also I conveniently jumped under the car. What I found was that every one of the water was pouring out thru a one customs pipe associated to absolutely nothing appropriate underneath the heater core. However, there to be no leakage from the actual main point itself. I was wondering if you might tell me if that is quiet a heater core trouble or something else prior to I start tearing mine dash apart? Please and also thank you.

Answer: Pipes come Nowhere...

Okay, I an initial have to say thanks to you for sharing this complication. To tell friend the truth, without gift able to stick my head under her hood, it's a small bit an overwhelming to narrow under what you're seeing precisely. That being said, from your information, i would imply that it's likely that your disconnected "pipe" either supplied to be connected to your heater main point as a component of the inlet hose.

Your heater main point is a yes, really basic set up. You have your key radiator in the front of the car and two hoses (it's not often that they are pipes, however it's not unheard of), an inlet and an outlet, that attach to the matching pipes attached to the heater core. This pipes will regularly protrude from the fire wall, i beg your pardon is whereby I suspect you're seeing this "pipe to nowhere."

Question: What room the Symptoms before the Heater core Goes Bad?

My mom's car just obtained repaired. One of two people the radiator or the pan kept transforming off. Now, every time we turn the heater top top in the car, it will certainly be warm, yet I can smell other sweet, like syrup, almost. Ns was worried about it, but someone said me the it wasn't the heater core due to the fact that it won't offer you any warning prior to it causes damage. They claimed that the mechanics probably just accidentally spilled part antifreeze. I really don't know what to think.

Answer: farewell Bye Heater Core...

I need to say, if I'm sure they meant well, it's certain naughty of your friends come assume that a+b always equals c, as soon as it involves cars. I'm no master mechanic, yet out of everything I've learned, and that all various other mechanics ns know have learned, it's that vehicles don't constantly act the way they are claimed to. In fact, I'd imagine that 90% of skilled repairs could be handled by any type of old monkey through a wrench, if it weren't for the fact that cars and also trucks get old. Periodically they room straight up text book, occasionally they perform something fully bizarre and unexplainable, and also you find out the it's something supervisor easy and also right in prior of your face.

When it pertains to heater cores, it's extremely usual for them come leak out into your passenger compartment, since they are usually appropriate up under the dashboard inside her car. Despite the leak could be from somewhere else, such together the inlet or outlet hoses, where they would certainly spill out onto the ground. If that happened, you wouldn't have your passenger floor soaked.

The same thing might be said around heater core's simply "dying" without any kind of warning. The is an extremely common, though it's not since there room not any signs before hand, it's due to the fact that most of us are too liven driving to notice the indicators unless castle stick out. So, odor coolant, could certainly be a sign that your heater core has a sluggish leak and may need to be replaced soon. The being said, it doesn't median that that is her heater core. If it were me, i would use a coolant leak check tool, or take it to a shop and have them usage one. In the very first day or 2 after having actually a radiator changed, it would certainly be intended to odor a small bit of drying coolant, yet a chronic smell every time you rotate the heater on, reflects there is absolutely something precious checking out; before something just dies ~ above you there is no warning.

Question: Foggy Windows

I have an '01 Malibu. I've changed the thermostat and also the heater core, reasoning that would avoid my automobile windows indigenous fogging up, but even ~ those repairs, mine windows space still fogging up. What's wrong?

Answer: inspect Things Out

Without learning more, mine initial ide would it is in to have your new heater core and also thermostat checked out. In this instance, the would much more likely it is in a faulty thermostat than a faulty heater core, despite you won't recognize until you have actually them checked.

That being said, before going too much further, i would additionally check out the seals roughly your windows. It could be other as straightforward as a seal leak that is allowing moisture right into your car and preventing lock from fully defrosting.

Question: What if mine Heater Core link Is Broken?

If my heater core connection is broken, what can I do to remedy the situation? do I just need come buy a brand-new one? deserve to I retrieve a broken connector?

Answer: speak to Up one Auto components Store and Get a new One

You should be able to call up any kind of auto parts store and also get a brand-new one. Last i checked, they're fairly inexpensive. As much as retrieving the damaged connector, without much more details I'm mostly just guessing as to how much of the rapid connector damaged off. So, with those guesses, below are some YT videos that i hope will help. If they don't, it'd be ideal to take the automobile in to a pro for this one.

Question: What If the windows Aren't Fogging Up, but I'm Still acquiring Coolant on the Floor Boards?

My home windows aren't foggy, yet I'm quiet smelling coolant. What if the home windows aren't fogging up, however I'm still obtaining coolant ~ above the floor boards? Thoughts?

Answer: It's Still precious Investigating

If the home windows aren't fogging up, yet you're still obtaining coolant on the floor boards, it's still precious investigating further. That would seem more like a leaky heater hose, yet could likewise be a little hole in your heater core, which would be far better to have repaired now, before things acquire worse.

Most Common vehicle Problems

Area that ConcernDescription


Of the near-5,000 report faults due to the fact that March 2015, expensive gearbox repairs optimal the list, accountancy for 8.4 per cent of every problems.


As cars are loaded with an ext tech than ever, electrical gripes space the 2nd biggest problem, including up come 8.2 every cent of every Warrantywise claims.


As purpose of use racks up, slipping or burnt out clutches can become common, contributing to 7.8 every cent of claims.


One of the priciest faults your vehicle can develop is with the turbocharger. This is increasingly frequent, making up 4.7 every cent the Warrantywise claims.


Having fully functioning brakes is the most vital feature of her car, so it’s disappointing to check out faults arising on so numerous used examples (4.7 every cent).


The timeless alternator can be phased out through the development of hybrids and also electric cars, however it’s an issue in offered models, with a failure price of 4.3 per cent.

Cylinder head gasket

White smoke and coolant leaks room symptoms that a cylinder head gasket failure; 3.1 per cent of cases involved an essential gasket repairs over the critical year.

Air-con condenser

Air-con is a necessity for those odd warm days. Brand-new condensers accounted for 3.1 per cent of problems.

EGR valve

Exhaust gas recirculation valves were at the love of the current emissions scandal. Data reflects faulty parts consisted of 2.9 every cent of claims.

Window motor/regulator

Gone are the days of winding your windows down by hand. Yet even contemporary motors deserve to burn out; fixes were compelled in 2.2 every cent that cases.

Share her Experience, or Ask an ext Questions

I love to hear old heater core task stories. They deserve to be epos battles, depending upon what kind of auto we're talk about. If you leave me a inquiry or a story in the comment below, please tell me the year, make, and model of your vehicle.

You're trying to find answers, and also I'm looking to provide you answers! So, girlfriend ask lock in the comment section below, and also I will certainly answer them together quickly and also as accurately as I can. Please keep in mind that the much more details you can provide about your car and your problem, the better quality advice ns can give you.

Also, if you're concern is not answered in this article, please check my various other articles, as I could just have created a whole brand-new hub with your inquiry in mind!

This write-up is accurate and also true to the finest of the author’s knowledge. Content is because that informational or entertainment functions only and does not substitute for an individual counsel or skilled advice in business, financial, legal, or technological matters.

Questions & Answers

Question: I have a heater problem, that won’t completely blow heat and doesn’t placed out a most power. What might be wrong?

Answer: ns would first check to be certain you have actually coolant in her radiator. If it's low or out, you won't get any warm waiting & that shows you have actually a coolant leak. If her coolant levels are fine, then change your blower motor.

Question: my blower motor and AC it seems to be ~ to it is in working an excellent and i recently adjusted the thermostat on my 2012 Jeep Liberty, yet it's tho overheating. What need to I try next?

Answer: Without more information, i would suggest your following step is to examine your heater hose inlet and also outlet hoses, which come out of the top and rear of her motor, and also then right into the firewall. If those hoses aren't pinched or damaged anywhere, I would recommend replacing her heater core.

Question: would a leaking heater core cause the driver's next floorboard to it is in wet?

Answer: Yes. Plenty of vehicles have actually heater cores that are much more centrally placed, definition it have the right to leak on either side. Despite it could likewise be a leak from your firewall (a grommet or noþeles similar). Inspect to check out if you're low on coolant and also then examine to be sure the vents listed below your windshield room clear and also clean.

Question: my heater was really blowing warm air and then ns heard a whine under the car, i shut my heater off and it quit. What would reason my automobile to whine and also quit once I turned off my heater?

Answer: ns would examine your water pump or the blower motor.

Question: I have actually a 2003 honda civic. Water has been showing up on the driver's next floorboard. Could this still be a negative heater core? i have good heat, though ns am shedding coolant. Whatever I've check out talked about the passenger's floorboard, can it still it is in the heater core if it's leaking on the driver's side floor?

Answer: In most vehicles, the heater core is located over the passenger side; therefore the common signs of poor heater cores say to inspect the passenger floor board. Though countless heater cores are placed more towards the center, especially in front-wheel journey vehicles favor yours; hence, they deserve to leak on one of two people side. Since you are shedding coolant/water, that is highly likely that it is your heater main point which is leaking.

There are a couple of reasons you might still be gaining heat, though i would focus on her coolant leak first.

Question: ns have readjusted the water pump and thermostat on my 2006 Chevy Silverado 2500hd with a 6.0, and now there is coolant putting out of the a/c condenser drain tube, but it stopped as quickly as i bypassed the heater core. Any type of ideas what is wrong and what I must do to repair it?

Answer: Sounds prefer your heater main point is faulty; replace it & it sold deal with the leak from her condenser tube.

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Kevin from Washington top top January 23, 2019:

I have a 1963 Beetle, similar to the opened picture. I have actually noticed the the windows are steamed up, the smells odd, and also the passenger compartment is cold. I can't uncover the coolant reservoir to examine the level. I additionally searched all over for the heater core through no luck.

; )

DavidM01 top top December 31, 2018:

Heater core on a 2000 Jeep cool Cherokee has my hair top top fire!! I flushed the heater core and also the water operation fine and is clean! however despite both lines going come firewall gift hot, the Heater Core continues to be cold !! No heat comes in the direction of the cabin side!! blend Door area is now reduced open and also they both work. Actuator additionally works and also operates the mix doors! Is over there a FUSE / switch / Vacuum heat somewhere the is an alleged to expedition the Heater Core!? many thanks for all your hints.

Baker Baker TDMaker top top December 27, 2018:

Have a 2008 Pontiac Torrent. Heater go not work-related well last year. This year, no heat. Before I could get it in, vehicle overheated. Garage added Coolant - not certain they really investigated anything- and also seemed to mostly fix issue for 2 weeks. For 2 weeks I had heat, however only when auto was moving, and also no over-heating issues. Then slipped right ago and now have actually no heat and car overheats. Other symptoms:

1. Gurgling noise behind dash occasionally

2. Gets foggy on within of automobile when warm doesn't work

3. Reservoir is full yet mechanic included coolant come radiator directly? and it mostly resolved problem for 2 weeks

Wrench Wench (author) native Seattle ~ above December 07, 2018:

Yes, generally it will, and also if it is fogging the window, that's a confirmation that you're heater main point andor heater hoses have to be changed.

That every being said, if the windows aren't fogging up yet you're still gaining coolant top top the floor boards, it's still worth investigating further. That would seem much more like a leaky heater hose, however could also be a little hole in her heater core, which would certainly be far better to have repaired now before things gain worse. Particularly on something together sweet as a 75 Cadi ;)

Wrench Wench (author) from Seattle on December 07, 2018:

Hi there Paul! I believe the "nipple" you're referring to, is dubbed a "Heater Hose quick Connect"

You should have the ability to call up any auto components store and get a brand-new one. Last I checked they're relatively inexpensive.

As much as retrieving the broken connector, without more details I'm mostly simply guessing regarding how lot of the rapid connector broke off..So with those guesses, here are some YT videos that i hope will certainly help. If they don't, it'd be ideal to take it the automobile in come a agree for this one.



There doesn't seem to be much an ext available. I'll need to write increase a hub come provide much more detail ;)

Till then, you re welcome be careful and also don't it is in shy about coming earlier with my questions!

Wrench Wench (author) native Seattle ~ above December 07, 2018:

Absolutely! and also without experience performing various other kinds that tasks, it's straightforward to not realize the Heater Cores require various things in various vehicles. My Jeep Wrangler was one the someone with intermediate suffer could've figured out, but in the corvettes I provided to work on, that took fifty percent a day simply to get accessibility to the Heater main point without damaging anything.

RuthyAnn7377 top top December 01, 2018:

I have actually a evade nitro and also the engine to be rebuilt two years earlier for not having any type of heat and it was the head gasket out the vehicle runs beautiful and i have actually heat yet when girlfriend sit in ~ a prevent light or simply idiling it turns cooler then as soon as you drive again that hot and heats up the cabin..it doesnt overheat operation beautifully might this it is in a clogged heat from the heater main point or the heater core itself? no dashboard lights as well

cris ~ above November 27, 2018:

I to buy a 05 forester turn off a craigslister, and also with it..the farm! had no idea, in addition to other concerns i'd be looking in ~ this, -- tear into the heater core. But there the is (wherever t h at is). Fog to be the first clue and (i) thought it was just a absence of air-flow; yet couldn't get it to clear by any way - some said the problem resolves by death on the a/c (to remove moisture v the a/c system) - so, ns rolled under the home windows to acquire a organic de-fog effect. And nothing doing! then I saw 'smoke' coming the end the vent by my window, and also went, "Aha! i understand what t h at is!" So currently that's what i'm spring at. Anyway, for among my heater core stories, --it was a cold and also blustery night (up here in the mountains), and also my '74 Pinto wasn't doing good..well, the windshield was all fogged; and you can smell that sickly, sweet odor of anti-freeze..the environment-friendly kind. Yeh. And then, it was dripping the stuff on mine boots (yeh). UYeh, so ns knew I had actually a problem. And the rest of the story is I obtained a new core and installed it. Yet was it painful!!! under there, over there is zero room to with the just arrive hoses and also re-fasten the brand-new unit..period. That was a difficult job. Yet I walk it. Currently the brakes failed, and also while that set, for around 6 years, it's absent 2 cylinders out from the fire-wall, oh whale!

Steve Reiner top top November 18, 2018:

Just pulled the heater core out of one 04 Ford f150xlt 4.6l. Heater core blowing antifreeze on inside of cab windows. Probably have done 20 or 40 heater core alters in different vehicles. This point is one the you must have assist with, together you must drop the steel dash support also. You need to move things approximately in the engine compartment due to the fact that there room a variety of studs that protrude through fire wall. Not for the novice, don't even go there, especially if the auto is sit outside, those doors need to stay open, so if it's poor weather either gain it inside or wait till it's decent out. This truck, take away time and probably among the more time consuming of any type of I've ever before done. It's no something for your first heater core change. If you want to walk for it, great luck through this one.

Paul L. on November 15, 2018:

The little hose nipple that goes native the engine to the heater core area of my 2003 Lincoln Towncar has damaged off. Fifty percent still attached come engine other half in the hose. Walk the nipple screw right into the engine? what is best way to install brand-new nipple? many thanks so much for her help.

Chris ~ above November 09, 2018:

2005 Jeep Liberty, 208,000 miles. No heat comes out of vents and also A/C would only blow on settings 3 and 4. Resistor fixed the blower issue and also flushed the heater core and radiator. Mechanic stated it was extremely gunked up and took numerous flushes come clean lock both out. No warm again today after working for a couple of weeks. Where to now?

Carlos on October 22, 2018:

My 2007 dodge ram 1500 heats up and leaks water or antifreeze onto the passenger next floor as soon as i turn on the heater it likewise leaks antifreeze thru the ac drain pipe under the truck

Chauntai ~ above September 23, 2018:

Hi i have a 2005 toyota procession xrs and also the warmth blows warm on vehicle drivers side and cold on the passengers side what might this be execute i have to flush my heater vore

Beverly carbaugh on august 06, 2018:

I have question. Mine passenger next is dry yet my vehicle drivers side floor is wet. What can be the thinking for this

Amanda native Atl GA ~ above June 30, 2018:

I drive a 99 f150, one owner (my dad) before me and also it has 139,000 miles. It's never ever missed any kind of scheduled maintenance and was moved by mine OCD, can fix absolutely anything (no joke), biomedical engineer father. The just actual fix it's ever had, various other than regular maintenance, is a fuel pump. Ns tell you all this for you to know what kind of problem the automobile I'm talking around is in.

Anyway, ns noticed that the passenger next floor board was wet. It take it a second for me to establish I absolutely had no spilled anything, for this reason I began to investigate. When I traction up the floor mat, there to be no puddle, however it to be soaking wet. It has not overheated. If it's shedding coolant it's not enough for me come notice. No fog. I have actually been trying to find fruit that had actually been left in over there to no avail, but the smell was not the same as any type of coolant I've ever smelled, yet it go smell prefer rotten fruit. My dad will fix my automobile for me, but not uneven I can diagnose it. Might this be the heater core? If not, perform you have any idea what other concerns would reason a sopping wet passenger side floorboard? ns do know it is not bad window or door seals. Any advice would be substantially appreciated.

Thank girlfriend for her time

Sandra on June 07, 2018:

I have actually a inquiry I have a Jeep Liberty sports 2003 6-cylinder and also my knock sensor requirements to be changed my check engine light come on ns bought the component I simply need to uncover someone to carry out the occupational and likewise my AC worked an excellent and 3 days back I went to rotate it on and it stopped working it only pushes out cold air when I'm driving and also I need to be walking pretty rapid do you understand what that might be

Harry Fricker on may 08, 2018:

With my auto AC punch cold and also in the on position, will my heater main point still fog windows? liquid leakage ~ above passenger floor is barely noticeable. Anti frozen in the mechanism is never ever low. The auto is a 1975 Cadillac Fleetwood brougham

Wrench Wench (author) from Seattle ~ above April 05, 2018:

Hi Alex! many thanks for reaching out. I hope you're may be to keep track of these comments, as I'll carry out my finest to assist ya out as well as I have the right to from the other side of this computer, lol.

So, i ran her jeep conundrum past a few seasoned friends, simply to it is in sure, and we every agree the the an initial thing you should inspect for, is AIR bubbles in your coolant system. It's a an extremely common trouble that can reason all species of unbelievable chaos.

I'll have to write a hub around that later, cause I've had some comparable situations come yours (I had a 1993 wrangler v coolant device challenges), and also it always drove me nuts to uncover that ~ replacing practically everything, it came to be just a bubble in the system that keep resulting in it come overheat because that no "apparent" reason.

You can conveniently see if this is the difficulty by letting the Cherokee run v the radiator cap off. Stand and also watch, or have a girlfriend stand and also watch for bubbles to come up. They'll likely be many little bubbles, yet do be careful, together there deserve to be some big ones too, and they have the right to splash warm coolant around. Watch for the balloon to begin to dissipate, then change the cap and let the jeep operation for 20 mins. If that doesn't overheat, take it because that a an extremely SHORT drive up the street and back. Park it and also take the radiator cap ago off and also let it operation again, if watching for bubbles. If ~ 5 mins, you don't see any type of bubbles, change the lid and try going because that a longer drive. At the point, you shouldn't experience any an ext overheating, and have efficiently burbed her jeep.

If that doesn't work, you'll desire to examine your passenger side floor board for water/coolant, as you claimed you haven't done your heater main point yet, and that could still it is in a source of problems.

The other option off the optimal of my head, is the Thermostat Sensor -- i m sorry is usually replaced at the same time as the thermostat. If you haven't replaced it, carry out it now, together it's usually much less than 10 bucks, and also could likewise be your culprit.

Outside that that, try getting another new thermostat, as there is the semi-rare chance that you'll get a dud thermostat native the components store. Thankfully, they will certainly usually just replace it right across.

Anyways, i hope every goes well! you re welcome come earlier and let us know what ends up working for ya, or if ya have any other concerns =)

Alex Krauss on April 03, 2018:

I am below in finish desperation. I have actually been working on mine 1998 Jeep Cherokee standard for a solid week trying come diagnose the problem. The is the 4.0 Inline 6 motor. The auto was dead 3-4 weeks back and had actually sat for a year due to the fact that of a blown head. It has actually been overheating. Ns have adjusted the thermostat, water outlet housing, water pump, radiator and all hoses. It has a brand new head gasket together well. We have actually not done the freeze plugs, fuses, overflow jug and also heater core. That starts and also runs for about 10-15 minutes prior to it start to try and overheat. It stop right above 210 on the temperature gauge for a little bit, but an extremely soon buries the needle to 260 and the "Check Gauges" light comes on. It then begins to smoke from the engine bay. It seems as if no matter what ns change, it proceeds to overheat. Once driving it will do whatever i just said in the exact same motion, but additionally begins to make a according to "Tacking" sound. The sound is not coming indigenous the engine itself. I have actually not been able to situate this sound. I review on google the it might just it is in the bearings in the pulleys getting to hot? i really require some aid if anyone has ideas.

Wrench Wench (author) native Seattle on march 14, 2018:

Hi Phil! I've remained in your position before. If you, or anyone else who finds themselves with a similar challenge, have the right to clean up your passenger side and also then keep a near eye top top it for the following 2 come 7 days, you'll have actually your answer. If your heater main point is bad, you will certainly find an ext green coolant on her passenger floor board. Even just a small trickle is a possitive indicator. If you uncover nothing at the finish of the week, it's much an ext likely that something leaked in during the vehicle wash. Probably some tortoise wax.

Phil on in march 05, 2018:

I take it my 2010 Mercedes c300 thru vehicle wash yesterday. I noticed the floor mat top top passenger next wet. Blower top top AC wouldn’t come on either. Execute I have actually heater main point leak? over there was eco-friendly water in cabin wait filter also. I assumed it was auto wash yet being green and also coolant green and in filter not certain now. Just noticed after vehicle wash yet did adjust temp type heat to cool during that time. Your thoughts ??

Tim top top February 17, 2018:

04 Chrysler Concorde 3.5 early issue...overheating the leak in ~ water pump. Currently what i did. Readjusted water pump, timing belt and also idler pulley. Also changed thermostat through failsafe stat, and also temp sensor. No leak now however still overheating. Tried bleeding several various ways the was suggested. Took to dealer and they said negative radiator. Readjusted that climate failsafe stat locked in open. No overheating achieved but no heat. Took to a friend through lift and changed thermostat to a conventional one plus crank and also cam sensor then had a no start issue. Adjusted ECU and also had it flashed now starts and also runs yet overheats. Tool panel has slight interior fog however not home windows nor floor. What’s the issue??? Help

Rowan Snyders on February 15, 2018:

I very own a ford focus 1.8si 2010 Model, there is a stinky coolant smell coming indigenous the vents. Everyone i spoke to is informing me the it is mine heater radiator that needs to be replaced. Yet now mine water and coolant is disapperaring together well. Ns was recommended the if i dont want replace the heater radiator as it is a big job, I have the right to bypass that by connecting the the two pipes the goes to the water radiator. But I check out a bigger problem, i am loosing water as soon as I journey in traffic, or permit me say when I acquire home and also park... I have no Idea where this water is leaking from?

Wrench Wench (author) native Seattle top top February 05, 2018:

Hi Sue! say thanks to you so lot for her question! I'll try to administer you with a brief answer here until I gain an article written come answer your question with better detail and precision.

For now, the straight answer is: Yes, you can flush her heater core at anytime, despite doing so can not show you if your heater core has actually failed.

The an initial thing I would certainly do, which have to be in the article, is to examine the passenger and driver side floorboards under the carpet. If they space wet and you have actually no recognized leaks in the wind shield, 보다 it is likely your heater core leaking, particularly if the "water" on or under the carpet smells sweet.

Another thing you can do, is obtain a big deep pan under her vehicle, then one at a time, eliminate each heater water tap from the car. V the various other side still connected, have a friend or spouse acquire in the car and also turn over the engine, then prepare to gain sprayed, reason if the inlet and also outlet hoses both occupational fine, friend should get wet. If one of two people of them have no press or suction (one that each), then your heater core has failed or acquired clogged internally.

Doing that this means will save you having actually to completely flush and also refill her coolant mechanism with expensive coolant. Though if you have actually the time and don't psychic the cost, you deserve to just drainpipe the coolant & climate stick an active garden hose within the radiator neck & let it operation while you eliminate each heater hose & watch that they room both working properly.

Like I stated though, gaining positive results doesn't necessarily typical the heater core is fine, particularly if it's sprung a leak in among the coils.

Anyways, please let me recognize if you decide to continue pursuing a flush and also if ns can assist you more right now while I work on an article just for this automotive an obstacle =)

Best that luck!

Sue Nichols ~ above February 03, 2018:

Can ns flush out my heater main point to watch if it has actually gone bad and if so just how do i perform that

wpoore ~ above January 09, 2018:

have a old 1997 dodge intrepid-3.3 motor--windshield fogs up through defroster on--car walk not warmth up choose it should.

no wet floor---also the window does no fog up all the time

could this be simply a negative thermostat?----she only has 240,000 mile on her----ha--and the cowl vent screen is gone---the plastic just acquired to brittle and broke far so the area is all exposed----

Rick Spring top top December 21, 2017:

Can the heater main point be damaged during the rebuild the a transmission. We have a evade Journey 2009 and also they just rebuilt the transmission and now the heater core needs replacing. They're claiming they have actually nothing to execute with each other.

Sean C. ~ above December 17, 2017:

My 87 Toyota pickup to be exhibiting indicators of a clogged heater core, so ns bypassed the to end up my cross country trip home. After ~ the head gasket ultimately sprung a leak,I had the hg replaced,and the mechanic reconnected the core,saying it seemed fine.

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Fast front 7 months,and this past august,the core appeared to block again, for this reason I as soon as again bypassed it.

Yesterday,the truck when again overheated (with the core bypassed)...could the bypass that the heater main point cause much more rapid consumption of coolant..?