We live in Michigan.My finest friend is 17 years old. Long story short, he"s relocating in with me. However, we require him to switch institutions as the school he is currently attending is too much to drive earlier and soon every day. His parents (most likely) will not agree with signing the enrollment forms. Is there anyway come get around that there is no going to court?

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Re: just how to Enroll a 17 Year Old into School without Parents Consent


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No, the doesn"t have actually permission. Yet it is perfect legal. We have talked to 2 lawyers and went to the police department. Here"s a website that backs the up: http://www.lawrefs.com/index.php?vir...ss&scbegin=1#c
It doesn"t back you up as much as friend think it does.You"re not a relative, so you deserve to in truth be charged v harboring a runaway. If her friend"s parents won"t authorize the enrollment forms, he can"t enroll in school. If the doesn"t enroll in school, he deserve to be charged with truancy. If his parents thing to him moving and transforming schools, no court is going come side with you.He requirements to walk home.

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He will not be thought about a runaway, together his parents know where the is going. He deserve to NOT be taken earlier home either. And also he can still walk to the college he attends now. That"s not that much of an issue. The would simply be easier to switch. I just want to recognize if there"s a way to get around it. Which, in the link I posted, there room comments the ask the question I"m asking. And the Lawyer, owner that the site, stated the 17 year old should have the ability to enroll themselves. Which is what I"m trying to confirm. He doesn"t have to stay in that household. It"s a shitty setting for him as his dad is mentally, emotionally, and also (possibly) physical abusive.
He doesn"t should stay in the household. It"s a shitty atmosphere for him together his dad is mentally, emotionally, and (possibly) physically abusive.
If you space concerned around those issues, girlfriend should speak to the police after events of abuse or child protective services. Otherwise, the is a runaway, you space harboring him, and also he deserve to be bring away home. However obviously, the answer come your initial question is no. And also there will be no method around it in court either. Nothing around this is "perfectly legal." If you already have all the answers, why ask for advice?
No, the doesn"t have actually permission. But it is perfectly legal. We have actually talked to 2 lawyers and went come the police department.

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What I mean that lock told you is that he"s a child and also that he"s running away from home, however as the Michigan youth court has no jurisdiction over him the police won"t involve themselves in the issue. Michigan"s harboring a runaway law falls under its juvenile court provisions, and although it"s plausible come argue the it could apply to minors listed below the period of 18 the text and also context suggest otherwise. MCL 722.151. You can consult a criminal defense lawyer in her state because that the details. See additionally the contributing to the delinquency statute, which is minimal to minors under the period of 17. MCL 750.145. Compulsory institution attendance ends at period 16. MCL 380.1561.Nobody, though, has to assist you keep this kid away native his parental - no the parents, not the schools, nobody. If junior desires to see if a new school will let that enroll there is no parental permission, he can talk come the school administrators.