I have actually a 2004 Ford Escape through a 5-speed manual transmission. Can it be flat towed or will I must use a dolly?ANSWER: hello John thanks for submitting your question on ours Ask an RV concern Page.

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Yes, a 2004 Ford Escape v a hands-on transmission even if it is it it is in 4 Wheel journey or 2 Wheel Drive deserve to be flat towed through a Tow Bar
. Once towing you need to limit your maximum rate to 55 miles every hour. There are additionally no borders on the distances that have the right to be propelled in one day.a 2004 Ford Escape with an automatic infection cannot be flat towed.Luckily you have chosen a automobile that can be safely flat towed. Simply to clarify for our tourists who room thinking around towing a auto behind their RV; making use of a Tow Bar
is simply one of the means to tow a vehicle behind her RV. There room other approaches for towing a automobile behind her RV, for this reason you have the right to pretty much choose any kind of vehicle to take it on your next RVing adventure.Alternatives to flat towing a vehicle are:
Using a car Tow Dolly: A automobile Tow Dolly
allows you to placed the front wheel of the car on the dolly leaving only the rear wheels the the car on the pavement. Unfortunately no all vehicles such together All Wheel Drives, etc. Have the right to be towed towed using a dolly. Your finest bet is to examine the Owner"s manual for your automobile to uncover out the towing restrictions. Using a automobile Trailer: usually you drive your auto onto the automobile Trailer and secure it and then head on down the road. Car Trailers deserve to be open or enclosed. One enclosed car Trailer will administer the best protection for the auto that you space towing. For this reason if you have a vehicle that can not be level towed or dolly towed or just have a special auto that you want to safeguard from exposure to weather or road perils this is the an approach you should choose.I expect this helps.Do you have any kind of suggestions or comments on this topic? girlfriend can include them to this web page by clicking the "Click right here To write-up Comments" attach located near the bottom that this page.Happy RVingRVing AlOver 1,500,000 successful roadside rescues. An excellent Sam Roadside Assistance.

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Do not level tow Ford to escape 4WD by: Jack my 2008 Ford escape XLT 6 cyl Automatic hands-on says you can level tow this vehicle. Execute NOT BELEIVE that ! melted up the transmission.The Ford organization center said, "I view it every the time". Don"t recognize why the manual says friend can since "You shouldn"t shot it".Now looking for a manual trans" Escape as I have actually all the tow gear that I can transfer end to a hand-operated model.

Tandem tow dolly by: cotton Gas class A motorhome 37 ft. F53 chassis. Deserve to I traction a tandem dolly v golf cart and also ford Escape.

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