He’s been a component of her life (sometimes in the very same spot for much more than a day) for numerous weeks now. He’s as with one of the family, and he’ll be missed on Christmas morning and every day until the work after Thanksgiving next year. Don’t you think your Elf top top the Shelf deserves a suitable send off? here are a couple of ideas us love.

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5 Fun means ToSay goodbye To her Elf on The Shelf

1. Leave a note!

One popular way to bid farewell is to have actually your elf leave a special, personal message for your kid, even if it is it’s a typewritten note or a message spelled the end in liquid or plastic letter on the refrigerator or ~ above snow-painted home window or mirror.


2. Snap one Elfie Selfie

Holding a tranquility sign v the message “peace out” ~ above Instagram. Display your youngsters when girlfriend “discover” this Christmas Day.


3. Permit them snuggle!

At my residence it’s just torture to not touch Elvin and also Elvis. So lot so, the I caught one child in the act. The result: Elvin didn’t relocate for two days because the touch drained his magic and he had to recharge for his trip ago to the north Pole. Well, this year we’re break the “elf” rules and also letting the kids cuddle and also play through their elves ~ above Christmas Eve. Friend see, Santa provided elves extra magic because that Christmas eve snuggles, and also they’ll return following year as lengthy as you placed them earlier in the same ar you uncovered them. (Thanks to balancinghome.com for the idea! and seriously, how cute is this cuddly elf moment with her son Quinn?)


4. Throw her Elf ~ above The Shelf a going-away party!

Have your boy leave one invitation v his elf, and also then decorate a spot in your house on Christmas eve Eve and also put the end snacks and also games. ~ above Christmas eve Day, have actually your elf “land” in ~ the party and pose him accordingly (maybe he’s dancing under a small disco ball, face-first in a key of chips, or spinning records). I particularly love the scene above, which was created by blogger Amy Locurto. Score the free printable photobooth props at her blog.


5. Going away gift!

Have your youngsters wrap a small present (a tiny scarf, a marshmallow, or tiny elf doughnuts) for their elf and place that under the tree on Christmas Eve. Leave behind some kind of “evidence” crumbs, sprinkles, thank you note, etc.) because that the kids to discover Christmas morning.

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