I have actually completed the "Innocence Lost" quest and have however to be contacted by the Dark Brotherhood. But I was assaulted by an assassin transporting a keep in mind stating i was to it is in killed because of someone preforming the black color Sacrament. Go this median I can not sign up with the Dark Brotherhood anymore?

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No. What you"ve encountered is a Dark Brotherhood Assassin. These can randomly appear and attack you prior to you"ve join the Dark Brotherhood. To ultimately join the Brotherhood you will have actually to complete the quest "With Friends choose These...".

To obtain this quest you will need to sleep in a bed ~ you"ve finished "Innocence Lost". You have the right to still join the Brotherhood despite being struck by among their assassins.

The just thing the really avoids you from joining the Brotherhood except cheating is the quest "Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!". This can be prompted if you death Astrid instead of among the three targets in "With Friends favor These...".


I was assaulted by 3+ asassins indigenous the Dark Brotherhood. Yet ns still have managed to join, therefore yes, you can join after ~ being struck because the assaults are random.

Complete Innocence shed (talk to Aventus Aretino in Windhelm, death Grelod the Kind, talk to Aventus again...)Wait for a courier to lug you a note with a black handprint and also "we know" ~ above it. If this does not happen, continue to 3. Sleep in a bed, and wait to be abducted. You"ll know what I typical when you gain there. Good luck!

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