Hey i was just wondering if you had recommendations on making ready meals like korr pasta sides or pasta Roni there is no milk.

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I've thought about using the sort of milk boxes that don't need refrigeration or simply using water.

I'm not super came to with the weight more of just shelf life and convince.


This is what the friends ns camp with do. We use a to express margarine. Functions fine through alfredo or mac and also cheese.

One the the ideal things I've gained from this sub is the visibility of Nido full fat milk powder. Which makes pretty an excellent milk (and is energy thick :-)

I will certainly just include to that. I use powdered milk too however modify the intructions a little. Powdered milk goes a little bit funny if you boil it. Include the water component early on then row in the powder component after it comes turn off the heat and also cools turn off for a minute.

Powdered Milk is awesome. Friend can obtain Nido at most chain stores and also it's strengthened with vitamines. Or you can save weight and also buy powdered cream and also then just include less. Ns buy Anthony's powdered cream, their website offers mass discounts.

Okay, simply got earlier from a trip and forgot powdered milk for my garlic shells however I did have a block that cheddar cheese. Grated part up and added it in ~ the later half of cooking. It to be the best knorr next i've ever had.

I've been utilizing Hoosier Hill brand totality milk flour the last couple years and also have had an excellent results. Ns stir in at the end (with various other seasonings/spices relying on recipe) prior to putting right into a coozie to end up cooking/hydrating. Their cheese powder and sour cream powder are great too.

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Late come this thread, however anybody ever shot using unflavored whey protein (plus olive oil or various other fat) together a substitute because that powdered milk, an especially in making prompt mashed potatoes?


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