Do any kind of of friend folks use a hot plate for melting your lead. I have actually been utilizing the electric kitchen stove and I figured a warm plate would be a similar heat source. I have actually a good heavy fabricated stainless lead pot and ladle and I have actually been obtaining fine results , however I would prefer to move the procedure out that the kitchen. Ns have considered buying a LEE electric lead pot , however I can"t start to afford it any kind of time soon. Thanks in breakthrough for any type of advice.Mike
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I use a Walmart $8.00 hotplate. Mine is 900 watts IIRC. One more guy here bought one in ~ Walmart and it turned out to just be just 6-700 watts and wouldn"t work-related for him. If girlfriend can uncover one that"s at least 850-900 watts it must work. I"ve provided mine v a 10 lb Lyman actors pot and also my favorite- a 12 cup stainless stole measuring cup that holds 25+ pounds. The will hold within 10-15 degrees with 3/4 complete pot. Being a shown ladle male I check out no reason to change.

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I to buy a cheap hot plate from big lots because that $10.00. I then to buy a tiny pot from a thrift store for $2.00. I can get the temp up to 725 degrees, and around 25 lbs of lead in the pot.
This is all ns have ever before used to smelt my lead. I did bypass the temp control though. That has operated very good for me. I have actually melted a whole lot of command in this pot. Burner and also pot to be purchased indigenous Walmart.

+1 to every one of the above. Warm plates work very well. My just comment would certainly be the if you"re making use of the warm plate for ladle casting, acquire two. Use the 2nd plate because that preheating her moulds and also ingots. Preheating the moulds gets you increase to speed much quicker than without. Preheated ingots drives the moisture out, and also gets the melt ago up to temp faster.
Get one with open up coils. I have actually two hotplates; the 700W open-coil will acquire hot enough to smelt "heavy black color sand" and dross back into lead metal (add a little motor oil, and cook it through the lid ~ above for around 45 minutes.) The 1000W hotplate v the cast iron element barely gets hot enough to melt command at all.In situation you"re wondering, I obtain a many of selection scrap and also it"s bad oxidized. Once I melt the down, I conserve the ash and dross, then as soon as I acquire enuf I smelt it to keep the lead the end of the landfill. Six to 8 pounds of slag yields about 3 pounds of good lead.
Ah! good point Bob. Mine HP is the open coil type. I have actually a close up door coil an intricate job the doesn"t get hot enough to execute much.
i have a hot plate 750 w it"s simply to melt the scrape lead ,i must warm the optimal with a propane torch ,i usage it just to do lingots ,to cast i use a rcbs agree melt regards
Huh, never dreamed a hot plate would work! I have a 2-burner stashed in mine garage the I"ve hosted onto for who-knows-how-many-years. Never might come up v a usage for it, yet couldn"t bear to litter it out. Currently I may have actually a usage for it!Wish i still had the dumpster-found actors iron dutch stove that I"d dragged about for 20 years, then finally tossed out in a fit of garage cleaning. Sure would make a great melting pot now.
forgive mine ignorance of hot plates, when you say open coiled, i am picturing the exact same thing as an electric stove. Is this correct? i am just starting getting my things together come cast and want to save my ww and also scraps out of my smelter, yet on a budget. An extremely interested in utilizing a hot plate to cast ignots, just not really familiar through them.
forgive mine ignorance of hot plates, once you say open up coiled, ns am picturing the same thing as an electric stove. Is this correct?
Yep. Walgreens has actually them because that under $10.00. There"s a ton of conversation in forums on this topic. Just do a search for "Hot plates".
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thank you very much. I am comes up on my weekend in 24 hours and want to be jet collection for acquiring my WWs in stimulate for spreading next week.
Headed come the welding shop down the street because that gloves and an apron, mam donated a cast iron skillet because that me and then over to wally civilization for a warm plate and some perifen wax, a skimming spoon and also a putting spoon . I have actually not to be this excited around my reloading procedure in ages.

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