Can you add color to a peak coat prefer polyurethane because that a tinted sealer? with so numerous paint, stain and sealer assets on the industry today friend are probably wondering why everyone would want to produce their very own tinted height coat? There space times when you can want to develop a tradition sealer color. I’m sharing all the basics of exactly how to create a colored sealer and how I included dye come Polycrylic to adjust the shade of mine dining room table.

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This write-up idea all began with a leader question. Few of my best blog short articles stem from inquiries from y’all. Ns figured if one human being is asking, there space others that desire to understand the prize too! that question also sparked one idea for a task that was lengthy overdue.

Want to recognize what the concern was?

Can you include chalk repaint to Polyurethane to produce a tinted height coat?

No, friend cannot include chalk repaint or chalky style paint come Polyurethane together it will certainly not mix correctly. Chalk repaint was not intended to be mixed right into a sealer product.

While I’m on the topic of DIY sealer colors, i figured I would certainly answer a few more questions.

Can girlfriend mix latex paint with Polyurethane to create a tinted sealer?

This is a question that doesn’t it seems ~ to have actually a direct answer. This is the finest answer I can find from the thousands Dollar Shop. “Polyurethane have the right to be blended with latex paint for a tough, long lasting finish the won’t go gummy and also sticky in humid summer weather like level latex repaint does. The end up will be the same color as the latex paint.”

That gift said, it seems like this technique would create more of a “durable paint” quite than a tinted sealer.

Can girlfriend mix stain with Polyurethane for a colored peak coat?

Yes! One vital thing to consider; If you are using a water based stain, make sure to usage a water based varnish and vise versa. Favor they say, oil and also water don’t mix.

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What deserve to you mix right into a sealer or top coat to develop a practice color?

Other than stains and certain paints (that to be intended to blend v a sealer), dye is the product of selection to mix with a height coat since it is plan to it is in mixed into a medium like a sealer.

Once again, be careful to keep in mind what the direction say as far as what form of sealer to mix with it. The details dye I’m utilizing (TransTint) says only to mix through water based mediums, or in my case a sealer. This method can likewise be recognized as creating a finish toner or finishing toner.

General Finishes has a great tutorial on exactly how to create a custom oil based tinted toner through oil based peak coat.

Speaking of developing a “finishing toner,” this is essentially what I’m going to be creating with this dining room project.

We’ve had actually this lover dining room table for around a year now. Ns loved the style, the dimension of it and the vintage vibe. We didn’t love the yellow undertones. My husband reminded me constantly around how that didn’t “match” the rest of the house.


You have the right to see the veneer roughly the table is more yellow 보다 the remainder of it. That’s one thing that drive me crazy.

Before I began tinting my own sealer, i sanded the table lightly first.


Since this table is no solid wood, ns made certain not come sand also heavily.

How come mix Polycrylic with Dye to develop a tinted optimal coat

Apply gloves (the dye is an extremely messy and hard come clean up!)Continue to add drops that dye until you gain the wanted colorMake certain to mix the tinted polycrylic really well before applying it

How to use tinted polycrylic

Make certain the tinted medium is blended really wellDip a brush or lint totally free cloth in the solution and apply it come the surfaceUse a clean lint cost-free cloth or record towel to wipe away the excess Reapply the tinted sealer and also repeat actions 2-3 till you get the preferred finishFollow the indict on the sealer because that dry time

You can see where I’ve used the tinted height coat ~ above the left side of the table.

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Almost done! This technique would be an excellent if you space wanting to darken kitchen cabinets or adjust the undertones simply a bit.


Darkening the undertones of the table didn’t adjust the look, yet it aided my dining room table blend much better with the remainder of ours decor. And also no much more yellow tones!


I need to say i think that looks a little more like real wood table currently rather than particle board v veneer!


Have I offered you some concepts for future projects? mine mind is currently swirling with other projects I have the right to use this DIY tinted sealer on!