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There is no hazard mixing synthetic and conventional engine oil. However,conventional oil will detract native thesuperior power of man-made oil and reduce that benefits.

Let’s take a closer look.


Can ns mix oil types?

With synthetic lubricants proceeding to flourish in popularity, the question of whethersynthetics and conventional oilscan it is in safely mixed frequently arises.

I’m guilty of having actually mixed different varieties of engine oil with reckless abandon ago in the day. A dash of man-made blend come top-off my Buick Century one month and a shoot of cheap standard oil the next.

While oil performance most likely suffered, mine engine constantly remained in one piece.

That’s since you deserve to safely mix synthetic and conventional oil. In fact,synthetic-blend motor oilis merely conventional and synthetic oil already mixed for you.

But, prevent an emergency, it’s no a great idea come mix oil types.


Why it’s not a great idea to mix synthetic and also conventional oil

Allmotor oil, whether artificial or conventional, is a mix of base oils and also additives.

Synthetic base oils are made using a process that removes the impurities innate to conventional base oils. Synthetics frequently contain higher-quality additives, too.

So, in the end, conventional and synthetic oils are consisted of of the same, compatible materials – it’s just that the components in synthetics room much higher quality.

While you deserve to safely mix synthetic and conventional oils, you’re law nothing more than diluting the performance of the fabricated oil.

Find out how toswitch from conventional oil to synthetic.

What if you need to mix oil types?

You might not have a selection to mix the two in some cases.

If you’re traveling, for example, and also suddenly find your engine low on oil, cheap typical oil may be the just option in ~ the gas terminal alongside the highway.

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While it’s for sure to top-off one engine that generally uses fabricated motor oil with typical oil, we recommend transforming the oil at your earliest convenience. In fact, go not assistance extended drain intervals wherein oils have actually been mixed.