If did you do it stepped on a skateboard, you understand skating is just one of the most potent develops of self-expression. Every little thing from fashion, skating style, trick selection to attitude, no two skateboarders space the specific same. Naturally, underpants wouldn’t have actually it any type of other way.

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While the chance for self-expression crowns skateboarding one of the many liberating activities on the planet, it naturally creates an extreme desire to stand out. In a sport v countless an innovative individuals, customizing your fixed tape is a funny and an imaginative way to flaunt your individuality and also complement her aesthetic together a skater. The also reasonably affordable.

Whether you’re a confident beginner or a hardcore skate rat, if you’re looking to further express yourself, why not begin with your skateboard? during our Dew tourism contests, the only thing an ext unique 보다 the skaters themselves is their custom grip tape. Few of the raddest grip tape art comes from our athletes who’ve moved their love because that skating right into this intimate kind of expression. Now it’s your rotate as Dew tourism brings girlfriend our guide on exactly how to customize your skateboard grip tape. Fine cover every little thing you’ll require to get started, a catalog of grip styles, and also some proven tips and also artistic techniques to reach your practice grip tape dreams.


Bryce Wettstein

Proven advice when tailoring Your fixed Tape

Don’t overdo the paint: Be responsibility of whereby you place paint on her board or wherein the larger cut outlines may be. Having too lot paint on your board can actually alleviate its grippiness and create troubles for flip tricks and also aerial maneuvers. Cutting out thick currently in a details area like the tail or bag of the nose can likewise mean not having actually as lot grip in these key areas. Be responsibility and always put performance above aesthetic if you arrangement on skating the board.

Beginner cuts: some of the easiest methods to customize her grip is come simply cut the sheet across its width in 1 or 2 places and also then rotate the initial top and also bottom ends into the middle of the board. This enables for the perfectly right ends come align because that nice right angle lines. Placing among these lines towards the bottom or peak of her board is additionally a great way to differentiate your nose from your tail.

Don’t have actually paint? one of the oldest common practices in customizing your tight tape is to usage whiteout or pond polish in the location of paint pens or spray paint. Obviously obtaining spray repaint as a young is not encouraged, or perhaps you don’t want to covering out the cash for paint pens that you’re walking to damage anyway. These various other tools room effective, affordable and easy come use, however can also compromise your grip. Remember tip #1 and also don’t overdo it.

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Improvise: as with when you on your board, improvisation have the right to be beautiful. It’s essential to remember friend don’t have to know precisely what you going come write, attract or cut to customize your grip tape. As lengthy as you follow the proper guidelines of application, you really can’t walk wrong. If every else fails, just have fun. After ~ all, it’s what skating is all about.

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