for this reason we acquired a new washing an equipment to go in a house constructed in the so late 50s. Once the appliance installer pertained to deliver the appliance, us ran right into a snag v connecting the washer...the washer appears to have actually a conventional 120 volt connector, yet the plug top top the wall for the washer appears to it is in a 240 volt/20 amp plug.

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The appliance delivery didn"t understand what to perform with the stunner outlet and also thought he can just operation the cord over to a typical plug 6 feet or so far (used by the sprinkler control system through extra plugs for whatever) however the cord was also short. My intuition would certainly be the washers and dryers space usually on their own circuit because that a reason, and running a hefty duty extension cord would be a poor idea.

So what do we need to do come hook this up? Is there an adapter or wiring adjust that would convert this plug come the voltage needed by the washer? Or carry out we should exchange the washer for one designed for a 240 volt plug? Or would an expansion cord actually be a reasonable solution?

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You"re walk to have to either acquire a washer that accepts 240V, or change the circuit.

New Washer

Getting a new washer will depend on the manufacturer, dealer, and also other factors that space off subject here.

Change the circuit

Modifying the circuit will require understanding of electrical safety practices, and general electrical wiring principles/standards/codes. If you lack this knowledge, or room not comfortable working with electricity, please contact a local licensed Electrician.

If you decision to handle this job yourself, right here is an introduction of what demands to be done. You"ll be going from a configuration with two ungrounded (hot) conductors, and also one ground connection conductor (NEMA 6-20). To a configuration through one ungrounded (hot) conductor, one base (neutral) conductor, and one grounding conductor (NEMA 5-20). To carry out this you"ll have to swap the end the dual pole breaker for a solitary pole breaker, and also repurpose one of the conductors.

At the Panel

Before you begin, you"ll have to purchase a 20A solitary pole circuit breaker the is compatible through your service panel, and also a empty panel covering insert.Start by turning the power off by flipping the key breaker to the off position, then verifying that strength is off utilizing a non-contact voltage tester.Remove the service panel covering (be mindful working in the open up panel, the key lugs are still energized even when the key breaker is in the off position).Locate the breaker for the washer.Remove the wires linked to the breaker (should it is in either black & red, or black color & white).Remove the breaker native the panel.Install the new single pole breaker in among the slots where the old twin pole breaker was.Install the empty panel covering insert in the panel cover, so the is consists the empty an are left.Connect the black color wire that you gotten rid of from the breaker in action 5, come the new breaker.If the other wire from action 5 is white, connect it come the grounded (neutral) bus bar. If the wire is red, note the wire through a little bit of white tape, or a white marker, then affix it to the bus bar.Reinstall the dashboard cover.

At the receptacle

Before you begin, you"ll have to purchase a 125V 20A receptacle.Uninstall the old receptacle.Connect the black color wire come the brass screw terminal on the brand-new receptacle.If the various other wire is white, attach it to the silver- screw terminal on the brand-new receptacle. If the various other wire is red, note it with white tape or a white marker, and attach it come the silver- screw terminal on the brand-new receptacle.Attach the bare or environment-friendly grounding wire to the environment-friendly grounding screw top top the new receptacle.Mount the receptacle in the box, and also install the covering plate.

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Once whatever is finished, you have the right to flip the main breaker, and also the new breaker to the on position.