The Nintendo 3DS has been approximately since February 2011. Since then, it has seen many hardware iterations that enhance the design, construct quality, and also even the console"s much touted 3D feature. Its recent variants, referred to as the brand-new 3DS and new 3DS XL, vastly improve over your predecessors. The distinction is so large that it"s fine worth buying among these, even if you were very early adopter for the 3DS.

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However it is important to save in mind the unlike Google, Apple, Sony, or Microsoft, Nintendo doesn"t do it simple to re-publishing games throughout your devices. Your device settings and digitally downloaded gamings won"t immediately show increase on your new console, because they"re not tied to her Nintendo account. Instead, they"re tied come the hardware. This provides transferring data cumbersome, and it is obligated to have your enlarge 3DS together with you to transition the data come the brand-new one. Here"s what you require to know to obtain this done. You"ll need a working Internet connection using Wi-Fi, in addition to SD or MicroSD cards in both consoles, and of course, the 2 3DS units.


1. Revolve on both systems.

2. Top top both consoles to System Settings, then Other Settings.

3. Pick System Transfer. The equipment will now connect to the Internet.

4. Tap on Transfer between Nintendo 3DS Systems.

5. ~ above the old 3DS the you room transferring data from, select Send from this System.

6. Top top the brand-new 3DS that you want to move the data to, select Receive native a Nintendo 3DS System.


7. Monitor the prompts ~ above both devices, pick Move, and also wait for the transfer. This can take a while.

8. Once complete, the gadgets will asking if it"s okay to restart. Tap Yes.

9. If you had a preinstalled video game on the new system prior to the transfer, you may need to download the again indigenous the eShop.

Once this is done, all your settings and downloaded gamings will be available on your new 3DS, and also disabled on the old one. The digital games you have can only it is in on one mechanism at a time - that means that ~ you deliver them come the brand-new 3DS, friend won"t be able to play lock on her old handheld. It"s a rather anachronistic system, and also one we hope Nintendo will resolve at part point, due to the fact that with this setup, to buy physical gamings makes much an ext sense. The way, also if her hardware stops working, your games are tho safe.

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