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With a shotgun equipped via a removal choke, I’m of the expertise that you cannot fire a rifled slug via the barrel… Why is this? Are tbelow any exceptions to the rule? Would you be able to remove the choke or go via the many open choke? I’m looking at a H&R Pardner pump turkey gun, but would favor to go deer searching this year, however my budget is not going to permit me to purchase a second barrel at this time.
Yes you can fire a rifled slug through a screw in choke.It"s the same as a solved choke barrel as soon as it"s screwed in.They usually work-related ideal via boosted cyl.Do not ever fire your gun without a choke tube in it,it will certainly mess up the threads in the barrel.
So, why are all my neighborhood gun shops informing me that I can’t? I was told that it ‘shaves’ the projectile, yet I don’t watch that as the instance bereason the machined tolerances are much tighter than the gap on a revolver. So I’m calling BS on this one.

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Either you can shoot a rifled slug thru a smooth bore, or a smooth slug thru a rifled barrel/choke. Having both rifled will certainly provide you erratic outcomes. If the choke is smaller than the bore it could "pinch" the slug. But a good pair of calipers will tell you the fact.

Go to,click on customer support,then owners manuals.It says that you can shoot rifled slugs.Most regional gun shops are the worst place to obtain advice on guns.

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As has been stated previously, a rifled slug can be provided via a smooth bore, screw-in choke shotgun barrel.I"m not incredibly acquainted through the Pardner Pump Turkey model so I"m asking, is your barrel "ago bored"?If it is then a slug of any kind of type need to not be provided through it, you may damage the barrel by utilizing slugs.A back-bored barrel has had its inner diameter from the forcing cone to the choke bored to a bigger diameter, commonly 10-gauge in a 12-gauge shotgun, to carry out a manufacturer declared much better swarm pattern.All of the manufacturers I"ve checked through that provide "back-bored" or "over-bored" barrels stress that slugs of any type of type should not be provided in those barrels. Personally, I don"t recognize for certain what damage might happen and manufacturers stating "do not execute this" might just be forcing an added barrel sale.Check through the manufacturer and/or any gunsmiths you may understand to obtain their opinions.