IF YOU very own a king-sized mattress, you understand how hefty and daunting it have the right to be to rotate.

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I, however, didn’t.

As a brand-new owner the a king, the wasn’t until I make the efforts lifting and also rotating it with my partner that I uncovered the realities of having actually such a large mattress: the additional 16 customs of broad (compared to a queen), and also the luxurious great of materials, add a many extra weight.

Back-breakingweight. Ouch.

Since it’s vital to routinely rotate your mattress every couple of months for even wear, ns asked several of our lull Coaches at tasiilaq.net because that tips and also techniques on just how rotate a king size mattress without needing physical therapy afterwards.

Tips for exactly how to rotate a mattress

Here’s what three of our comfort Coaches had actually to offer:

Adam T:

Rotating a mattress is easiest when two human being are law it. Safety should always be the primary concern.


With who on every side, grab the thick band on the bottom border that the mattress, also called the bottom “tape edge.”Lift with your legs and also slightly elevator the mattress from under while slide it a small forward. Store THE middle OF THE MATTRESS IN contact (TOUCHING) through THE structure AT all TIMES. There’s no require for friend to carry the full weight of the mattress, permit the foundation bear the weight.Lift again and rotate a quarter revolve (remembering come keep contact with the foundation). Put the mattress back down after perfect a 4 minutes 1 rotation.Continue lifting and also rotating till the mattress is whereby it needs to be.Slightly lift and also slide mattress earlier to head of bed.

Darren B:


The handle on the mattress shouldn’t be provided for lifting the mattress, as they can rip and damage the mattress. Usage the handles just to slightly move the mattress into place. Remember to grab the thick band on the bottom the the mattress because that lifting.

For security purposes, constantly use a partner once rotating a king-sized mattress.

Move the nightstand to a various area the the bedroom to allow room for rotating the mattress, and also to stop knocking a lamp down. Make certain you have actually cleared the area around your bed. You don’t want to it is in tripping end shoes or various other items on the floor once you’re lifting a mattress.

Josh H:

If you usage a dust ruffle, it will probably shift out of location when you turn your mattress. To prevent this native happening, safety and security pin the dust ruffle come the towel on the bottom foundation, taking treatment to pen all around the edges. (It’s best to execute this once your mattress is fully off the foundation.)

Alternatives because that lightening your load

What wake up if you live alone, or there are physical restrictions that prevent you or your partner from lifting the mattress? If that’s the case, my advice is to call in the troops:

Throw a party. Call it a “Rotate because that a Roast” gathering. Invite human being for dinner and also when they feebly ask, “Is over there anything I have the right to do come help?” her answer is “Why, yes over there is.” before you offer them a savory roast, command your agency to the bedroom and let lock earn their supper.Use boy labor.If your residence is the one that all the children like to hang the end at, use it to your advantage. Again, use food together a motivator. Whip increase a batch that cookies and when the aroma of baked goodness wafts v the house and stirs the teenagers – to win quickly: “Hey kids, if you assist rotate mine mattress, you can have heat chocolate-chip cookies.” think about it done.Call in professionals.

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Some mattress shop actually offer a mattress flipping/rotating company for a in the name fee. If it avoids you from obtaining hurt, or leaning on your friends also often, take into consideration it money well spent. Plus, signing up because that the organization ensures her mattress is kept on a continual basis.