Most of you must have actually started imagining delicious, palatable coco when you read the words ‘cocoa butter.’ Well, it’s natural; we all love chocolates, and some love even more J. But in this post, we’re pointing out whether or no it is for sure to use cocoa butter on tattoos.

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Let’s obtain started…..

But first, what specifically is Cocoa Butter?

The main cacao ingredient – cocoa butter, otherwise recognized as cacao fat and also Theobroma oil, is butter extract from cocoa beans. The cocoa beans go through countless processes prior to cocoa butter is finally extracted. It’s fermented, dried, roasted, and in the end, pressed to separate the butter native non-fat cocoa solids. These solids are then crushed to do cocoa powder.


⇒ What space the various usages the Cocoa Butter?

There are numerous different usages that cocoa butter. It is one of the main ingredients in chocolate and also is offered to make all kinds of chocolate, indigenous dark come milk chocolates. In its pure form, cocoa is well-off in minerals choose magnesium, iron, and potassium, i m sorry is good for people’s vascular health. Cocoa also contains a far-reaching amount the flavanols and also polyphenols, i beg your pardon is why the is a high-antioxidant food. It method cocoa is great for her body, inside and also outside.

Raw cocoa butter tastes heavenly; it’s edible. You deserve to use raw cocoa butter for assorted foods. Simply to let girlfriend know, it is likewise in countless skincare products.


Yes, this mouth-watering food isn’t just meant for eating. Due to the fact that of that is buttery smooth texture, cocoa butter is also used together an ingredient in countless beauty and skincare products. The buttery texture makes applying cocoa butter very easy and also comfortable. Besides, its ultra-hydrating properties make this food a great product for skin care.

Cocoa butter has been in use because that centuries since of its skin healing and also moisturizing properties. The offers many benefits to the users, including supple skin.

Is it for sure to use cocoa butter on new tattoos?

Undeniably cocoa butter is great as it supplies myriads the benefits. As well as being an incredibly edible food, cocoa butter provides for a an excellent skin moisturizer. But the concern is – even if it is it is for sure to usage cocoa butter top top tattoos or not.

Well, the answer come this question is NO, yes, A large NO. You must avoid making use of cocoa butter on your fresh tattoo. This is since the tattoo needle breaks the external layer of your skin, the is, the epidermis, making you breakable to scars and also infections until your tattooed skin has completely healed. The tattoo needle puncture feet remain open up for a few days initially. Putting cocoa butter in a freshly etched tattoo may penetrate the wound and cause one infection.

Actually, cocoa butter is comedogenic, which method that it has actually a propensity come clog pores and potentially bring about infection. If you apply cocoa butter on her weeping tattoo, it will certainly clog every the pores and cause infection and irritation.

Instead of making use of cocoa butter on her fresh, weeping tattoo, you have the right to use healing ointments, choose Aquaphor heal Ointment or any other ointment recommended by her tattooist.

Once her tattoo is totally healed, scabs start to form. And also this is as soon as you can use cocoa butter on your tattoo. Cocoa butter is excellent for reduce scab formation. Some even case that using cocoa butter on their healed tattoo aided them ward turn off itching and irritation.

Benefits of using cocoa butter on healed tattoos

Cocoa butter provides myriads of wonderful benefits; right here are few of the services of making use of cocoa butter on a healed tattoo.

Take a look…..

1. Cocoa butter moisturizes the healed tattoo

Tattoo aftercare is a MUST. And keeping your recently healed tattoo moisturized is imperative. Also, it is important that you usage tattoo-friendly or natural, or organic products on your tattoo. Cocoa butter is one of the herbal moisturizers the seals in moisture on the skin really effectively.

Also, it’s great for maintaining dry skin hydrated. Recognize the far better moisturized your skin; the bright and also vibrant your tattoo will be!

2. Cocoa butter minimizes tattoo itching

As claimed earlier, tattoo itching and also irritation room normal, specifically when your tattoo goes through a heal procedure. However, tattoo itching different from human to person. Some civilization have soft itching, while rather get incredibly heavy itching.

Cocoa butter helps minimization tattoo itching. This is because of the moisturizing properties. Many people have discovered it helpful for their itchy healing tattoo.

3. Cocoa butter promotes tattoo healing

The anti-inflammatory properties of cocoa butter encourage tattoo healing. The use of cocoa butter top top tattooed skin to reduce swelling and inflammation, thereby helping the skin recoup quickly.

4. Cocoa butter reduce the formation of special scabs

Scab development is normal for heal tattoos. Yet using cocoa butter top top the tattooed skin hydrates it and keeps the scabs to a minimum. Cocoa butter penetrates the skin, making the suppler and less vulnerable to scabs and cracks.

5. Cocoa butter makes tattooed skin suppler

Cocoa butter is great moisturizer. A thin applications of cocoa butter is enough to save your healing tattoo moisturized. Constant use of cocoa butter on her tattoo skin will store your skin suppler. The suppler her tattooed skin, the much better your tattoo will certainly appear!

Which are the finest cocoa butter brands because that tattoos?

Here are the peak 5 cocoa butter brands for tattoos that you can consider for yourself.

1. Unrefined Cocoa Butter by far better Shea Butter


At #1, we have Unrefined Cocoa Butter by better Shea Butter. This is the first preference of numerous tattoo artists and also dermatologists. The product is finest known for soothing burns, rashes, and post-pregnancy big marks. This product is easily accessible on Amazon; you deserve to buy that from there.

2. Tree Guru’s raw Cocoa Butter


Sourced native the famed Arriba Nacional bean, plant Guru’s life Cocoa Butter is 100% vegan and also without any kind of GMO contents. This is a good product because that tattoos; however, the only concern is that is smell. The product is an ext pungent than most unrefined butter. This way even a thin applications of butter deserve to make you smell like cacao for the entirety day. You have the right to buy tree Guru’s life Cocoa Butter online; that is accessible on Amazon.

3. Organic Cocoa Butter Wafers by Wild Foods


Organic cocoa butter wafers by wild foodstuffs are made from the ideal beans from Peru. This ready-made wafers save you indigenous the problem of shaving turn off a large brick. It is accessible on Amazon.

4. Life Cocoa Butter by Hansi


An aromatic and also mild-smelling butter, raw Cocoa Butter by Hansi is another excellent choice. As soon as it concerns healing properties, it offers benefits just like other food-grade butter. Because of its satisfaction smell, people have come to be accustomed to this butter. You deserve to use this butter for a freshly healed tattoo or one old one. The a perfect choice.

5. Cocoa Butter by sky Organics


This butter is completely vegan. It supplies skin heal properties and also is best for making your tattoo look at radiant. It is life butter that eases onto the tattooed skin and also makes that soft and suppler. The product is available online on Amazon.

⇒ Who have to not use cocoa butter?

Of course, human being with healing tattoos have the right to use cocoa butter. But, it might be unworkable for some people. For instance, people with oily skin should not usage cocoa butter. Since cocoa butter is comedogenic, it has actually a propensity come clog pores and also potentially cause acne. Utilizing cocoa butter ~ above oily skin can reason an acne breakout, which will affect your tattoo design adversely.

People with keratosis pilaris (a skin condition) should additionally avoid using cocoa butter. This is due to the fact that it have the right to clog her pores badly.

Lastly, people who space allergic or room sensitive come cocoa butter should also avoid applying cocoa butter to your skin. You deserve to do a rapid patch test on a non-tattooed skin to discover out whether you’re allergy to cocoa butter or not. Use a slim layer of cocoa butter on your non-tattooed skin and wait 24 hours to watch if you obtain an allergic reaction or not. If you obtain an allergy, then lining the idea of using cocoa butter, and also if whatever goes well, usage it.

 Does cocoa butter do tattoos blurry?

It depends!! by this, ns simply average that as soon as you usage cocoa butter top top a weeping tattoo, that is highly likely come fade. This is since cocoa butter draws the end ink from the weeping tattoo that makes it fade prematurely.

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However, if you use cocoa butter to a completely healed tattoo, it will certainly moisturize your tattoo and promote the healing process. Except this, it will make her healed tattooed skin suppler and also better.


It is for sure to usage cocoa butter ~ above tattoos that space healed fully. However, cocoa butter ~ above fresh, bleeding tattoos deserve to lead to infection; it can even cause your tattoo to fade prematurely and hold-up the healing process. Once your tattoo is healed, you have the right to use cocoa butter on her tattooed skin. Utilizing it on a healed tattoo will make the look bright and better!