If you’re a mushroom hunter, even a beginner, you’re going to have actually excess shrooms, and that’s a good thing. But you’ll want, and need to have some solid techniques for keeping them in her bag of tip to make the many of your harvest.

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Drying and pickling space my favorite methods. But, if you’ve ever had a large harvest, girlfriend may have asked yourself: “what’s the best way to frozen wild mushrooms?” Freezing can be a good way to preserve your harvest. Unequal drying and also pickling mushrooms, there’s a most misinformation and weird opinions the end there, therefore I’m going to try and collection the document straight a bit, as well as share the methods I use. You should know though, if it’s your first time, that frozen mushrooms, wild or cultivated, will never be as good as fresh, and some freeze better than others. Ischnoderma resinosum and wood ear freeze prefer a dream, puffballs though? They’ll require extra love, and probably a layer of breading.


Frozen raw Hericium taste terrible after thawing as soon as frozen raw, and also develop an not attractive yellow color. Prevent that by cooking prior to freezing.

The most necessary sentence you’ll review on this page is that I think most mushrooms should be cooked before freezing. sweat mushrooms (don’t brown them) in some butter, lard or oil with a healthy pinch of salt will aid to eliminate some of the water they contain.

Mushrooms frozen life can construct off-flavors and colors

Refer to the photo of vacuum-sealed Hericium frozen life above. These are among the best examples of why girlfriend should cook mushrooms before freezing. Frozen raw and also vacuum sealed, climate thawed and cooked, the texture is soggy, however even worse, the Hericium build a foul musky, bitterness flavor that cooking will not remove. They also turn a dingy, dishwater yellow.

Cooked mushrooms conserve space

Flaccid mushrooms aside, in my people freezer room is at a premium. Acquisition a entirety clump the chicken the the woods or another big mushroom and just bagging and putting in the freezer is going to take it up an useful real estate. To trust me, friend have much better things to do than argue with your spouse around what that huge orange thing taking up an are in the freezer is.

IQF mushrooms (to freeze mushroom raw)

This is a popular an approach that some human being use who choose to freeze mushrooms raw. Ns don’t usage it, yet it does occupational for some. Here’s just how to perform it: take her cleaned mushrooms reduced into pieces that you would certainly throw right into a pan come cook, and put lock on a cookie paper lined v parchment, a silicone mat, wax paper, or simply use a non-stick tray. Frozen the mushroom as-is. When the mushroom are totally frozen, transport them come a vacuum bag or a freezer bag. Most civilization I know cook the mushrooms choose this straight from frozen, there is no thawing. It will not job-related for every mushroom.

Frozen breaded morels

This is a an extremely popular treatment in rural areas of Wisconsin and also Minnesota where I hunt morels. Take her large, cleaned morels and also halve them, climate dredge an initial in jug flour, egg, and breadcrumbs. Placed the breaded morels ~ above a cookie sheet lined v parchment or a silicone mat and also freeze them. When the mushrooms space frozen and also stiff, transport them to a vacuum bag or a freezer bag. Cook the breaded mushrooms straight from frozen in a shallow class of oil until golden.


Finely chopped duxelles

Freezing Mushroom Duxelles

The tried and true space saver because that the freezer is a classic mushroom duxelles. If I execute freeze wild mushrooms, 99.% of the time this is just how I do it. Freeze is more than likely the best way to preserve these for the long haul, due to the fact that there isn’t any vinegar or high quantities of salt, and they’ll walk bad fairly fast in the fridge. V freezing duxelles, you additionally don’t have to worry about any loss of texture, since the mushrooms have been cooked, and carefully chopped. This is additionally a decent method to frozen puffballs, but prepare yourself for lots of dicing.

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Portioning Duxelles in ice cream Cube Trays

A good way to portion duxelles (and a most other things) is to freeze them in ice cream cube trays, popular music them out, and put in a freezer bag. Make certain the freezer bag is a heavy duty one though, because portioning right into cubes increases the surface ar area that contacts air, which, over time deserve to be at risk to freezer burn. Vacuum sealing the mushroom nuggets is a an excellent way to save their high quality too, specifically in several of the vacuum bags that deserve to be sealed, opened and also re-sealed utilizing a vacuum attachment.