We"ve newly noticed ours cat goes to its water plate/tray/pot and, rather of drink the water together she generally does, she puts the guideline of her paw in the water, and also then licks her paw.

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She does the a couple of time in a row, then goes on through her life.

As I"ve said, she additionally drinks water directly from the pot as cats regularly carry out - it"s no that she doesn"t know exactly how to drink water or something.

We"re having fun see her do this - it"s kind of funny weird. Is this behavior usual in cats? We"re intrigued to recognize if there"s a recognized reason because that this behavior.


This is your cat instinct and also is a leftover from once cats lived in the wild.

The behaviour is normal and also is how numerous cats in the wild removes floating leaves and other ingredient from their water source.

Most cats favor running water end pools that stagnant water in the wild and the surface of to run water will stay cleaner than water in pools.

A most a cat behaviour is learned indigenous their mother so if her cat learned to dip the paw in water from the mother your cat will certainly often continue to perform it this way.

And some cats dip their paw in water and lick the water off their paw just for the fun of it.


This is not precisely usual behavior, however your cat is definitely not alone in dipping the paws in the water key in order to drink.

Whether a cat will execute this counts on the individual animal and the situation. Some cats are much more tactile than others, and are an ext likely to use their paws sort of choose hands rather of making use of their mouths. As soon as it pertains to the water bowl, a cat can be extra encouraged to do this if there"s something around putting its confront in the bowl the it doesn"t yes, really like. It"s theorized that countless cats don"t favor the feeling up placing their head inside a bowl since their whiskers will brush against the side of the bowl, or maybe because it can"t see its surroundings once its confront is in the bowl, particularly if the bowl is up versus the wall.

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Though ns don"t think this is a specifically concerning problem, it might be a great idea to shot things to watch if you can make the water bowl more appealing, so the isn"t skinny to carry out this at every anymore, such as gaining a larger bowl, placing the in a an ext open area, and also trying to save it much more full. The reason why I suggest this is due to the fact that cats frequently don"t drink as lot as they should, and if the cat is showing indicators it isn"t thrilled around its water bowl, it could additionally be the case that it"s drinking also less than it would certainly be if it chosen the bowl better.