We are driving from Charleston, SC top top June 16 AM and also flying out of Charlotte about 11 a.m. ~ above the 17th. Is there any type of suggestions ~ above some points we should see or do? we will need overnight accomodations along the way too. We have not to be to SC or NC before, FYI.

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Mar 9th, 2006, 07:13 AM
Without discovering your interests, it is difficult to make a suggestion. Any children top top the trip? ns would indicate spending as much time as feasible in Charleston, there is more to carry out there than in Charlotte. I believe the drive in between the C and also C is around 3 hrs. Ns would suggest staying overnight in Charlotte close come the airport. Friend would most likely need come be in ~ the plane at around 9 am and also our sirloin hour traffic deserve to be really bad and also unpredictible. Due to the fact that I live in Charlotte, ns don't have very first hand suffer with plane hotels, but most the the significant hotel chains have hotels near by. Tripadvisor.com has actually a great list the hotels, look because that airport or colisuem location, no uptown.

Mar 9th, 2006, 07:24 AM
I agree that you will want ot remain in Charleston & probably drive approximately Charlotte later in the evening. I would guess your drive time would certainly be closer come 4 hours (it's around 200 miles) but it simply depends. If you space just looking for a place to sleep, girlfriend might try the airplane area yet I would not really indicate it. Uptown is reasonably close come the Airport, if you desire to execute anything after you arrive in Charlotte, Uptown would certainly be the location to stay. You shouldn't have any trouble obtaining to the Airport from Uptown together you would be walk 'against' traffic, + the 17th is a Saturday for this reason no problem.

There have to be something to view in Columbia, SC, right?Driven with those locations many times, but never actually "visited" Columbia. As the capital of a southerly state, the should have actually some exciting civil war and civil rights stuff.
Gosh, ns can't think that nobody has suggested swinging over to "South that the Border!"
"You never sausage a place!" we still don't have a trip report from over there ...

I have to agree with lovestogo, spend as much time in Charleston as possible, great food, exorbitant walks, some small museums, for this reason charming. Charlotte has limitless sprawl.
The journey to Charlotte indigenous Charleston is about 3 hours--very rapid on the interstates--and an extremely boring. Carry out you need to turn the rental automobile in at the Charlotte airpor.If you want to spend the night near the airplane there are actually at the very least 2 very nice hotels--the Renaissance and also The Embassy Suites. Ns imagine both the them have actually shuttle service.You require an hour and a half inside the plane in Charlotte, ns think. There is curbside check in.

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I'm not sure I'd choose to journey w/the folks obtaining to Charleston in 3 hours & i drive plenty fast. Indigenous downtown come downtown is 209 miles (my original guess was pretty close) so y'all space averaging 70 mph, no stops, no traffic, no lights, nothing. Just getting through Columbia is time comsuming, ns don't watch it. Anyway, ns fly the end of Charlotte rather a bit, if girlfriend check-in digital you should be able to cruise ideal through. Worst case, if friend can't perform that, usage the check-in kiosks & protect against the lines (you can also check bags in ~ the kiosks). I'm guessing if you are transforming in a rental, permit time because that that but typically there space seldom long waits. Because that the quickest protection go to the 'D' door which is at the end. Puddle jumpers additionally go out of the 'E' door which share the exact same hallway together 'D' because that a ways. I had forgotten around the Embassy Suites (I to be guessing the one close to the Farmers sector ?) yet still, over there is nothing rather there. Therefore if you simply need a place to sleep, it would be fine...Otherwise, Uptown.