Morph suit – blue and also orangeSequins- (20mm preferably) blue, green,silver,goldWigs – Brown and BlondeRed,orange and blue fabric

OKAY for this reason THIS IS really SIMPLE

For Chazz Michale Michaels:

1. Get the orange morphsuit and cut that the head/neck/hands part

2. Cut a semi circle (about 8-12cm down) in the chest area, beginning from shoulder to shoulder

3. Following your walking to reduced some flame shapes out the the red fabric. Cut out a smaller version of the shape you made out of the red with the orange fabric and also stick it on the red fabric. Shot to aim for different sizes ranging from 5cm,10cm,20cm etc

4. Use a adhesive gun come stick this onto the body and legs that the morphsuit.

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5. Take the gold and silver sequins and glue castle in a pattern approximately each flame the you have actually stuck on.

6. Reduced the rest of the red and orange towel into triangle strips and also glue them come the arms so they will dangle as soon as you lift her arm, favor fire!

7. Put on the brown wig.

Thats it! thats Chazz Michael Michaels outfire because that the fire and ice routine

For Jimmy Macelroy – It’s the exact same concept!

1. Take it the blue morphsuit and cut turn off the head/neck and one hand.

2. Take the other hand and also only cut off the fingers

3. Reduced off the chest beginning from the shoulders..creating a semi circle type shape

4. Take it the blue silver and green sequins to start styling the suit. Begin from the left shoulder and also end at the finish of the right arm (to your wrist). You should be spanning a quater the your top body and also one next of your right arm.

5. Take the blue fabric; reduced out 8 strips and also one long strip that will go throughout your neck . This will affix to the cloth at the shoulders.

6. Use these strips to do a criss overcome pattern on the component of the chest that you reduced out. Therefore one side of the cloth is connected to the morphsuit at her chest and the other side is connected to the lengthy piece the goes horizontally throughout your neck.

(7. Girlfriend dont should do anymore however what us did to be spraypaint the legs and also the lower part of the body through silver and also green to do it look a bit more legit )

8. Include blonde wig

It does sound a bit out the the means to make yet trust me it transforms out amazing. We made this in 3 hours and got first place in the an intricate dress competition. It’s really since it looks like so much initiative has been placed in yet its really no that difficult.. Its simply a morphsuit through sequins! world actually believed we had bought them they come out for this reason well!

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