“One thing that was a genuine treat because that us, farming up, was once we had enough money to obtain an ice cream bar. I constantly liked the Cheerio (chocolate-covered vanilla ice cream top top a stick), Dreamsicle, and Push-Up (orange sherbet in a cardboard tube). The Drumstick (vanilla ice cream cream in a waffle cone, topped v chocolate and also nuts) was additionally good, however it seems to me they were a bit an ext expensive.

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“Of late, I have been hear the TV commercials: ‘What would certainly you do-oo-oo … for a K______ Bar.’ OK, ns should have the ability to have those now. I’ve deserve the right! Cub had actually them top top sale, so i paid a small sum because that a six-pack.

“My impression? simply not as good as ns recall. Maybe my taste buds have gone south … or possibly I just feel guilty ingesting the sugar and also fat. They space also really messy come eat, crumbling personal in the wrapper.

“Maybe I can find a Dreamsicle somewhere.”

The irreversible Paternal Record

The Old Hand of Oakdale: “My tendency to honk the horn or offer the one-finger salute at a driver DWS (Driving if Stupid) is pretty lot under control, however I admit I require work on mine vocabulary. The words that ns utter are not the lyrics of the recent Justin Bieber song.

“We had actually to go up to Bemidji, so mine wife and also I went up with our son, Dirk, and also his family. I rode shotgun.

“The following day one more son, Dan, arrived. That was telling Dirk around driving up. He asked Dirk how it was as soon as he drove up. Dirk stated it to be OK. The weather was good. The kids behaved — fairly well. The website traffic wasn’t bad.

” ‘And,’ Dirk said, ‘I didn’t need to swear at also one bad driver. Dad go it because that me.’ ”

What this nation has to be needing?

Kathy S. of St. Paul: “Subject: What this civilization needs is teeth.

“This can be un-doable, yet I have a an obstacle for the inventors among us: to uncover a means for persons in nursing-type dwellings to get brand-new false this quickly, and perhaps obtain some type of loaner teeth when their very own teeth rest or are lost.

“Eating is a really basic kind of pleasure, and the absence of this is rather upsetting.

“Could over there be a means to aid these folks that wish they might gnash your teeth?”

Our times

Or: What this country had been needing?

Sharon of Roseville: “Several years ago, ns joined Hour Dollars, i m sorry is a service-exchange regime for inhabitants of the twin Cities and also surrounding suburbs. It features under the umbrella of the national organization Time Banks.

“A couple of months ago, I invite a couple of Hour Dollars members come my residence to comment on the opportunity of producing a work-related team. We chose to take transforms every various other month going to a team member’s home to do huge projects. This day was my day, and I wanted spring cleaning!

“The four women arrived at 9:30 a.m. And also proceeded to wash my all windows and clean my screens, rake out my garden, rehang my lace curtains, clean out and also organize my huge storage area and carry lots of recycling and also Goodwill stuff the end to mine garage. One woman was happy snipping my Bulletin Board story out of the newspapers I had saved, and next time we acquire together, we will certainly glue them right into a scrapbook.

“We all have one point in common: we love helping other people. It renders us feeling good. We love working in a team. We have all comment on the truth that we have actually a herbal rhythm to how we interact and also move v the actions of the process. I liken united state to a well-oiled machine.

“At the end, us sat down and also enjoyed a laughter-filled lunch and also planned our following project, in July. I never dreamed I would be meeting brand-new people and also making brand-new friends at the age of 68! Life is full of wonderful surprises, and it is people like the members of mine team who remind me that what is good in this world.”


EM of PC: “Speaking that funerals: It always amazes me when I hear who say they don’t want the usual ham sandwiches for your funeral reception, or everything you call it. Why perform they care? lock won’t be there to eat them. However then again, ns guess lock won’t be there to hear the music numerous are composing about, either.

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“I occur to love what they speak to ‘funeral sandwiches’: floor meat with pickles and mayo.”

Sounds that silence

Jean Gardner that Winona: “My sister died recently. Her granddaughter is going to institution in Rome and also couldn’t to visit the funeral, so she played a beautiful flute rendition that ‘Ashokan Farewell’ on she computer and also emailed it to us. The made the seem like she was with us.”

3Cooncats of apple Valley: “Several year back, we attended a funeral for among my husband’s co-workers. That was held in a newer Catholic church in Hastings. The vocalist had a beautiful voice, and it was a really nice service. As the postlude was playing, my husband and also looked at every other. What was this lively music being played top top the organ? Why, it’s ‘The Beer Barrel Polka,’ the course. We aren’t indigenous the Midwest, so probably that’s why we’d never ever heard it played because that a funeral. Anyone left v a smile.”

GopherLink of Dresser, Wis.: “All the submissions about the songs reader would favor played at their funerals reminded me of the reply given by a man when inquiry what he would certainly like human being to say about him at his funeral: ‘I’d favor someone come say, “Look, he moved!” ‘ ”

Come again?

Another episode of creative hearing, reported by Katrinka of Woodbury: “My sisters and also I make a recent expedition to northern California. Mine great-nephew, Grady (who is 2), to be told by his mom that they to be going come the airport to choose up his ‘great-aunts.’ once we came down on the baggage claim, he was a little disappointed, together he was expecting to see ‘great ants.’ Grady soon gained over his disappointment, once he discovered we were almost as lot fun as large ants.”

Was it over once the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

Barbara of Mac-Groveland: “My 3 favorite lines from movies:

“Two of them room from ‘City Slickers.’ The Billy crystal character says to Curly, the Jack Palance character: ‘Have you killed anyone today?’ and Curly replies: ‘The job ain’t end yet.’ later in the movie, Curly says: ‘I crap bigger 보다 you.’

“The various other line is from ‘The african Queen,’ in i m sorry Humphrey Bogart says: ‘You paid her nickel, you take her chances.’ ”

There’s nothin’ prefer a simile!

Donald: “One the the factors I gain John Sandford’s ‘Prey’ collection is that ns can picture buildings and also areas he explains in and also around the pair Cities. I’ve pass the structure mentioned on web page 42 of ‘Storm Prey’ plenty of times, but from now on I’ll check out it indigenous a various perspective: ‘The Minneapolis police room is in the city hall, which is an ungainly, liver-colored building that squats in the Minneapolis glass-and-steel loop like an unseemly wart.’ ”

Our birds, ourselves

Wild Bill of river Falls, Wis.: “Recently my mam baked some bars. I want to shot one, however she stated they were pretty dry and should it is in dumped. I said maybe they’d be OK if ns dunked them in something, yet she said to simply throw them out.

“I said: ‘Why no let me placed it out for the birds, instead of simply wasting it?’

“So ns did.

“Later i saw number of crows were enjoying the bars. But before eating them, they’d take them approximately the bird bath and … dunk them.”