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I searched this site and also couldn\"t uncover this. Maybe supplied the not correct words to search. Anyway, what is the proper torque for oil pan bolts, Chevy 350. I\"ve been told 10-12 in lbs and also found 10-12 ft lbs doing internet searches.I likewise heard just snug them increase no need to use a torque wrench.Thanks,Bill

I favor to understand the 1/4\" journey ratchet actual close to the head and also tighten with simply my wrist. I have good luck with it.
hopefully you space using the one item felpro or mr. Gasket oil pan gasket that has the stole lugs on each bolt feet so girlfriend can\"t overtighten should see what 10-15 lbs. ~ above a 1/4\" drive socket feels like prior to you start on the pan bolts and also as long as you don\"t get completely carried away you should be fine.anyone would have to be nuts to use anything other that the one piece should have all the talk spec\"s for you.
Yep FelPro 1880 one piece with the stole lugs. I have actually an in lb speak wrench. So gaining the correct torque won\"t be a problem.I looked at the Mortec site and couldn\"t find the speak values. I didn\"t watch in the right location I guess.Thanks,Bill
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