After the 1910 premiere that La fanciulla del West (The Girl the the golden West), Giacomo Puccini (1958-1924) needed a subject for a new opera and also began a search that irritable him for numerous years. Once attending the Vienna premiere of Fanciulla in the autumn of 1913, the directors of the Karlstheater proposed a new commission because that Puccini—his very first operetta, i beg your pardon he perfect in two years. A Vienna premiere to be impossible, given that Austria and also Italy were currently fighting against each various other in the an initial World War. The piece’s premiere, an opera in its last form, rather than an operetta, took place in Monte Carlo with great success in 1917.

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The “swallow” that the title is courtesan Magda de Civry, the mistress that a affluent businessman in 1850s Paris. She falls in love through a young guy from the country and also begins living through him, yet eventually she’s compelled to disclose her previous to him and leaves that to return to her old life, favor a swallow return to that nest. The opera’s most famed aria occurs at an early stage in plot One; at a party in Magda’s home, the poet Prunier improvises a story about a girl called Doretta, for which he has no ending. In her aria, Magda suggests one—Doretta finds pleasure in a student’s love for her. She concludes, “What carry out riches matter if true joy blossoms?” Puccini has provided a thrilling chance to sopranos own the essential floating peak notes for these soaring phrases.

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Winner of the desire Richard Tucker Award, the acclaimed American soprano appears annually at significant opera houses internationally. She has starred as Violetta/La traviata in Zurich, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, mountain Francisco, Milan (La Scala), and also London (Royal Opera House, where she reverted in the location role/Manon and also Liù/Turandot—she additionally toured with the ROH come Japan together Manon).

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Other highlights include the title role/Thaïs, Mimì and Musetta/La bohème, and Juliet/Romeo and Juliet (Met); Adina/The Elixir that Love (Munich, Berlin, Vienna, Washington); Countess Almaviva/The marital relationship of Figaro and Desdemona/Otello (both in Houston); Tatyana Bakst/Jake Heggie’s an excellent Scott (world premiere, Dallas); Alice Ford/Falstaff (Glyndebourne); Mimì (Bolshoi Theatre); Marguerite/Faust (Hamburg); and Amelia/Simon Boccanegra (La Scala, Berlin, Zurich). Among Pérez’s concert engagements have been appearances v Montreal’s Orchestre Métropolitain, Rome’s Accademia di Santa Cecilia, and gala concert at Lyric, the Met, and also the imperial Opera House.