Naples, Inc. recorded operating data for its shoe division for the year. Sales $750,000 Contribution margin 135,000 Total fixed



New contribution margin = Old contribution margin + Increase

= 135,000 + 30,000

= 165,000

Net Income = Contribution margin - Total fixed expense

= $165,000 - $90,000

= $75,000

ROI = Net income ÷ Average operating assets

= 75,000 ÷ 300,000

= 25%

At the end of the year, the deferred tax asset account had a balance of $12.8 million attributable to a cumulative temporary dif

the part of the computer that provides access to the internet is the. A.modem. B.keyboard. C.system unit. D.monitor.

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The part of the computer that provides access to the internet is called the modem. It is the device in the computer that processes the signals from the internet to the provider to the person"s computer.

Lee, an attorney, uses the cash receipts and disbursements method of reporting. A client gave Lee 500 shares of a listed corpora



Based on the information given we were told that the stock had a FAIR MARKET VALUE of the amount of $8,000 on the date it was given to Lee which therefore means that In Lee"s income tax return, the amount of INCOME that should be reported in connection with the receipt of the stock will be the FAIR MARKET VALUE of the amount of $8,000.

A salesperson is offering promissory notes for a company selling coffee at drive-through kiosks. The notes pay a 13% interest ra

Legitimate promissory notes are marketed to sophisticated, corporate investors that have the ability to thoroughly research the company issuing the notes and determine whether the issuer will be able to repay principal and interest. There have been many instances of "promissory note fraud" where unlicensed individuals push bogus promissory notes that are sold as investments that offer above-market fixed interest rates and safeguarding of principal - and most of there are frauds. This is a major concern to state regulators.

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To offer a promissory note, both the salesperson and the note must be registered in the state. Only promisory notes that have maturities of 9 months or less, that are investment grade, and are sold in minimum increments of $50,000 are exempt from registration.

Finally, the tell-tale sign of fraud are:

Statements that tho notes are "guaranteed" or insured, especially by bogus foreign entities.

Promises of above-market rates fo return

Statements that the notes are "risk"free"

The labeling of a star-up company´s notes as prime

Offers of promissory notes from a stanger who does not know the costumer financial situation