Just since it to be there! We had to say us went and also saw it. Glad us did, worth the visit... Read an ext

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While travel to Tuscumbia our team just couldn\"t resist avoiding at the Coon Dog Cemetery. The is the only all coon dog cemetery in the country. These people are serious. The was yes, really unique, fun/interesting to review the headstones, and also to to speak we\"d to be there. If you\"re in the area friend should absolutely take the time to avoid by. BTW, ns don\"t recognize who would just be in the area since it\"s kinda in the middle of nowhere.



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This place is way out in the boonies yet if you choose dogs and also want to visit an unexplained spot, climate go! amazing to check out some of the gravestones and see how numerous coon dog are buried here. There\"s also a picnic pavilion if you desire to have actually a meal out there!

Enjoying the adventure. Two hours of walking, looking and also enjoying this awesome next trip. Very interesting to read the guest register. Civilization from new Zealand, Hawaii, and also more. If girlfriend love dogs, this is a meat experience.

My friends and also I decided to stop and also visited the cemetery! over there were some pennies top top the gravestones and also beautiful fine cared for! It confirmed the genuine love because that the Coon dogs! It\"s quite drive and interesting place!

I was an extremely excited to visit the cemetery as every one of our pets are prefer family, yet soon after showing up we to be stung numerous times by black fire ants. Ns would certainly recommend put on tennis shoes as soon as visiting and be careful!

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We taken place upon the sign for the coon dog cemetery. Who can resist? We appreciated it. It\"s other different and there was an ext to it 보다 you would think. I don\"t know if I would certainly base a trip approximately it, yet if you room in the area, that is a fun stop.

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