Tbelow are 224.80 miles from Houston to Dallas in northwest direction and also 239 miles (384.63 kilometers) by car, complying with the I-45 N course.

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Houston and also Dallas are 4 hrs 9 mins far acomponent, if you drive non-soptimal.

This is the fastest path from Houston, TX to Dallas, TX. The halfmethod suggest is Centerville, TX.

Houston, TX and Dallas, TX are in the very same time zone (CDT). Current time in both places is 4:29 pm.

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Gas Consumption and also Emissions

A vehicle via a fuel performance of MPG will certainly require 9.60 gallons of gregarding cover the route in between Houston, TX and Dallas, TX.

The estimated cost of gregarding go from Houston to Dallas is $30.43.

Throughout the path, an average vehicle will release 188.10 pounds of CO2 to the atmosphere. The carbon footprint would certainly be 0.79 pounds of CO2 per mile.

Mean USA gas price supplied for calculation is $3.17 per gallon of constant gas. Price last updated on September 18, 2021.

Best Hotels In or Near Dallas, TX

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Halfmethod Point Between Houston, TX and also Dallas, TX

If you want to accomplish halfmethod in between Houston, TX and also Dallas, TX or simply make a speak in the middle of your pilgrimage, the precise coordinates of the halfmeans allude of this path are 31.296379 and -96.002075, or 31º 17" 46.9644" N, 96º 0" 7.47" W. This area is 119.53 miles away from Houston, TX and Dallas, TX and also it would certainly take approximately 2 hrs 4 mins to reach the halfmeans suggest from both areas.

Closest City or Tvery own to Halfmethod Point

The closest tvery own to the halfmeans allude is Centerville, TX, located 117 miles from Houston, TX and also 122 miles from Dallas, TX. It would take 2 hrs 4 mins to go from Houston to Centerville and also 2 hours 9 mins to go from Dallregarding Centerville.

Major Cities Alengthy the Route

The only significant city alengthy the route is The Woodlands, TX.

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Weather in Houston and Dallas

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