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This is a 100+ page common Core aligned finish novel research for Darkness before Dawn by Sharon M. Draper. This book is the conclusion of the Hazelwood High trilogy, and also picks up at the start of Keisha’s senior year, as she tries to relocate on after she boyfriend’s suicide. This novel study unit has every little thing that you will have to teach and also assess the novel. The Table of contents makes finding details quick and also easy. The 20-page student packet is perfect for literature circles or live independence work. ALL ANSWER keys ARE INCLUDED.

Lexile: 670; publication contains maturation content.

GO DIGITAL! choose printed or paperless resources! The student packet, ar quizzes, final exam, and Dive right into the publication review game are obtainable as Google Drive™ files. A vocabulary and definitions list is also included to permit you to conveniently import right into Flippity, Kahoot, Quizlet, etc. To produce digital flashcards or word games.

Included in this Novel Study:

Introductory and also Informational Materials:

▸Teacher’s Notes

▸CCSS Checklists for qualities 9-12

Vocabulary building Materials:

▸Vocabulary master List (digital option)

▸“Mark mine Words” college student Vocabulary Bookmark

▸Vocabulary crossword Puzzles (answer tricks included) (digital option)

▸Word wall Cards

▸Vocabulary and an interpretation Cards

▸Vocabulary Quiz (answer an essential included)

Student Packet (divided into 4 sections) (digital option)featuring:


▸Focused instruction on Figurative Language and Synonyms/Antonyms

▸Open an answer Questions

▸Student Projects

Also Included:

▸Journal or conversation Questions

▸Darkness prior to Dawn Q & A record Folder Dice game -Students need to answer comprehension questions around the book.

▸Dive right into the publication Game - Students need to do close reading to uncover quotes and also race versus each other and the clock come win! (digital option)


▸Section Quizzes (M/C) (digital option)

▸Vocabulary Quiz (matching)

▸Final test (M/C) (digital option)

Common Core standards utilized with this unit:

R.L. 9.1, 10.1, 11.1, 12.1

R.L. 9.2, 10.2, 11.2, 12.2

R.L. 9.4, 10.4, 11.4, 12.4

L 9.4, 9.4a, 9.4c, 9.4d, 10.4, 10.4a, 10.4d, 11.4, 11.4a, 11.4d, 12.4, 12.4a, 12.4d

L 9.5, 10.5, 11.5, 12.5

Skills handle in this book study overview include:

▸using context clues


▸figurative language (recognizing and also explaining)

▸distinguishing literal meaning or nonliteral meanings


▸drawing conclusions using supporting details


▸synonyms and antonyms


Features these teenager issues:


▸eating disorders

▸sexual assault

Just looking for assessments?

Purchase the section quizzes and also crossword puzzles as a stand-alone product here.

Purchase the comprehensive quiz together a stand-alone product here.

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