So IIRC season 3 ends through sucre getting his ass kicked/tortured climate thrown right into sona. He had chosen deliberately to not return to maricruz since he was afraid the getting captured or placing her in danger so he decided to remain in Panama and send money come her, but all that acquired him was a jail sentence if michael and also co. Escaped.

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At the begin of season 4 it's like nothing happened at all and also they go ago to gift buddies and also cool as with that? The just thing I can think the is that immediately after T bag began passing the end the money and rallying the inmates he took advantage of the chaos and also celebration indigenous Michael's escape to start his revolt and break out of there at the moment, for this reason sucre was only in sona because that a few hours before he and bellick escaped.

I mean I could chalk it as much as the shitty composing which it most likely is however I prefer this theory better. Did they point out how long of a gap there was between the finish of season 3 come the start of season 4?

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I think that was possibly a couple of weeks between seasons? Sucre made decision not to give up Michael and the gang as soon as he might have. Yeah linc convinced him to remain and help out yet he do his selection and would be lame to organize a grudge prefer that. Tbag is the one he have to be foolish at.

If Mike knew Sucre visited Sona despite I'm sure he would have tried to help him out.

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Alright, for this reason tbag and also them beginning the riot and also breaking out like automatically after michael's to escape is possible with the couple of weeks inbetween being tbag and bellick/sucre progressively making their way back come the US.

Guess I simply felt sorry for sucre, him hopelessly wandering approximately sona at the finish of season 3 and stuck in there together a result of him choosing the brothers end maricruz was simply sad come see. And tbag to be king of the jail at that point, no method in hell would sucre even shot doing anything come him.

EDIT: simply rewatched the start of season 4. The time in between michael's escape and also the sona lytic + beginning of season 4 is 3 weeks. However it's not stated if he means 3 main from as soon as he first was incarcerated or native the day he damaged out. Season 3 as a whole takes ar over 11/12 days.

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Michael and Lincoln have actually a call call, where it's revealed Michael and Lincoln were unaware sucre was inside sona until Lincoln review the perform of name of the escaped inmates in the paper. It's additionally implied the Michael didn't talk to Lincoln at every in those 3 weeks due to the fact that lincoln began off by speak "thank god" once he first got top top the phone with michael. Yet lincoln claims that sona burned down 3 days back. Later in the episode it mirrors tbag/sucre/bellick earlier in the states.