Compare ATX vs FLEX-ATX visually. This tool helps you to compare visually sizes of different objects.

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Placed dimensions on each line, prefixed by the name you would choose to associate (separate via "|"). See listed below for the complete syntaxation.

Sizes input box Simple modeATX|12×9.6in|FLEX-ATX|9×7.5in|
Size referencesiPhone4|115.5×62.1×9.3mm||||242.8×189.7×13.4mm||| AAA|44.5×10.5×10.5mm|0,0,30,50:M0,2h10v-2h10v2h10v50h-30z|0,0,30,50:M0,2h10v-2h10v2h10v50h-30z|0,0,120,120:M0,60A60,60,180 1 1 0,60.1zBattery AA|50.5×14×14mm|0,0,30,50:M0,2h10v-2h10v2h10v50h-30z|0,0,30,50:M0,2h10v-2h10v2h10v50h-30z|0,0,120,120:M0,60A60,60,180 1 1 0,60.1zCD|120×120mm×1.2mm|0,0,1200,1200:M0,600a600,600,0 0 1 1200,0h-525a75,75 0 0 0 -150,0a75,75 90 0 0 150,0h525a600,600,0 0 1 -1200,0zSD card|32×24×2.1mm|0,0,118,97:M0,0v38h4v34h-4v88l0,0 1,0h118l0,-0 0,-0v-101l-2,0v-9l2,0v-29l-21,-21h-97l0,0zBanking card|53.98×85.60×0.76mm| sheet|297×210mmLetter sheet|11×8.5inDime|17.91×17.91×1.35mm|0,0,4,4:M0,2a2,2 0 1 1 4,0a2,2 0 1 1 -4,0zQuarter|24.26×24.26×1.75mm|0,0,4,4:M0,2a2,2 0 1 1 4,0a2,2 0 1 1 -4,0z


| <<< | > | > | >: The name you would certainly favor to associate to the object: 2 or 3 dimensions separated by "×" ie: "5.5 cm × 5 cm", "5×5×2.2mm", "5×5×2.2inch" (optional): How the object must be represented on the front see (watch below) (optional): How the object should be represented on the best view (check out below) (optional): How the object should be stood for on the optimal check out (see below)

To make your visual comparichild even more representative; you deserve to specify just how you would certainly prefer to render it using the watch parameters. Below is the list of values you deserve to set for these parameters:

rectangle: by default the tool draw your objects as colored rectangles you do not need to specify anything for thisphoto url: you deserve to specify the url to the picture which enhance your object. Make sure tright here is no white spaces around the object otherwise the measurement will certainly not be properly url: you have the right to specify an SVG image but some browsers will not render it and will certainly fallago to rectangles.

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Compare sizes is incorporated into comparichild tables

Comparichild tables which contains at leastern height, width, will certainly display in the height left corner of the table the adhering to icon: Click it to straight access the visual comparichild of the dimensions consisted of in the table.

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