Patchwork refers to joining shaped fabric pieces together to produce a bigger fabric piece in beautiful designs. Traditionally, towel scraps leftover from other sewing projects and also salvaged indigenous old clothing are used to make the patchwork pieces.

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as soon as upon a time, patchwork to be a technique of making beautifully patterned fabric at your very own pace and in the architecture you want, with whatever cloth you have. Today there are in different way patterned fabrics easily accessible at shops, however patchwork tho holds its ar as a an innovative work involving fabric. The is a significant part of quilting and additionally for do a lot of other sewn articles.

Important elements of Patchwork

Fabric : The most important thing in patchwork is to choose fabric the the same form – the the same weight – printed or plain. Usage fabrics that carry out not fray lot or stretch. Color fastness is an additional criterion. Straightforward cotton, Silk and also Linen room the many preferred. Very thin fabric mayneed lining or interfacing otherwise the seam pin money turnings, the fraying inside etc will be plainly seen outside.

Many love to carry out patchwork v old clothes, old family linen etc- the best recycle job ever.

Whatever towel you use, always prewash the fabric. (Or atleast steam press through your heavy steam iron to gain the effect of prewashing) Learn an ext about prewashing fabric here.

Tools : The other important thing is to have templates and tools to draw and cut the fabric pieces for the patch pieces, accurately, so the they all complement to make preplanned designs. A rotary cutter and also self heal mat can it is in an legacy in patchwork as you can reduced multiple great of cloth in one go. Friend may additionally want a plastic ruler. Square shaped clear rulers can be supplied to cut straight edge for her square and rectangular pieces and a protractor deserve to be offered to note angles exactly.

Fussy cutting is a term used to show cutting motifs particularly from cloth so the they space highlighted in patchwork.

How to plan your Patchwork

There are many established patterns in patchwork – some blocks which are celebrated and used frequently- favor the ripe patch block, log cabin block, star blocks. Friend can examine out several of the most popular (55) quilt blocks in this short article here.

You can likewise design your patchwork with the towel you have actually by joining together square-shaped, rectangular-shaped, triangle-shaped, thin strip-shaped fabric pieces in a preplanned way or a arbitrarily manner. Part other very commonly offered shapes are Triangles, Diamonds, Hexagons, Clamshells.

Patchwork can likewise be done v the assist of templates – in truth this is an oft used and a an extremely accurate an approach of law patchwork. Templates are cut out of difficult paper/cardboard or freezer record or plastic sheet, or you deserve to buy them indigenous shops.

To make the layout yourself the freezer record template is ironed on to the fabric and also then cut out. If you have heavy card layout or the plastic ones, castle are maintained on the fabric and also traced, seam allowances are included to this. They room then cut out and used.

Design your Patchwork

To plan the style of her patchwork, attract the design you have in mind on a item of paper, then divide the block into the several parts as per her plan and also then they room traced come another document and added seam allowances as required – reduced out these file templates. Map these templates top top fabric. Reduced these shapes from fabric and also then join together to kind the patchwork of your design.

High rate assembly techniques are constantly welcome once joining countless fabric pieces for her wonderful design – learn every one of those methods so the you have the right to make beautiful patchwork in much less amount that time.

10 approaches used to sign up with the patchwork fabric pieces

1. Chain piecing

Joining square or rectangular towel pieces v a right stitch – this is the usual way of sewing patchwork pieces.


The usual rules in sewing the patch pieces

Keep the cloth pieces rightsides with each other to the inside and join the seams. This is basic.

Do no forget to press the seams and also seam allowances. Press seam allowance in the direction of the darker fabric. 

Remember to push the seams in a row in the exact same direction.

After the whole patchwork is done, you may want to push the seam allowances open.

How come sew a 4 patch square block; how to sew log in cabin block.

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